How to redeem a code in iTunes

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Cannot find where to Redeem your iTunes code ?

If you have a iTunes Gift Card to download music or an application on to you iTouch or iPhone – Or as in my case a promo code for an app that I’ve been asked to review, then you will have to redeem the code in iTunes.  Just sometimes,  that little sucker is hard to find,  due to the fact you’ve been doing other things in iTunes and you are now on the wrong page.  I seem to always forget this, so this blog is for me as much it is for you 🙂

How to redeem a code in iTunes

Stay logged in

Close iTunes 

Reopen iTunes

Look in Quick links on the far right at the top

Click Redeem. 

Thanks for hiding that, Apple – it was there all the time! – Now you can insert the code.

Short and Sweet, totally not like me 🙂

Hope this helps