How to opt out of Facebook’s ad tracking

How to opt out of Facebooks ad tracking

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At the end of last month, Facebook told us they were making ads better so that we can see more of what we like.   Do we like ads?  Facebook actually said that they were told that people find ads annoying distracting and misleading – so they are now tracking us to help businesses create more high-quality ads that we want to see by expanding Audience Network.

Audience Network

Audience Network – a way for advertising to extend their campaigns beyond Facebook and into other mobile apps.  So you don’t even have to be on Facebook to see these ads coming from Facebook. This makes reach much better for advertisers who rely on ads for their business, but it seems intrusive to us the user.

Facebook are watching you, well okay everyone is watching you, but there is something you can do about this for Facebook.

They said they were putting Facebook users more in control – but reports say that they may have changed our ad settings so that we have to Opt out again.  You might want to check your Facebook ad settings and turn off Facebooks ad tracking.

I’m not sure if they have changed our settings or not, mine for sure needed to be changed to opt out but I can’t be sure.

The FTC did rule years ago that they could not change our privacy settings without approval so does this count?

Facebook now have to sort out privacy say FTC

The FTC have ruled that Facebook will now be required to obtain approval from users before making any changes to privacy settings or how data is shared and also stop anyone accessing a deleted account within 30 days of its deletion.

In this recent post from Facebook it said.

Your ad preferences also help us show you better ads on and off Facebook. If you have an account, you can edit your ad preferences to tell us if you want to see ads based on specific interests, like travel or television. Starting today, you can opt out of seeing ads on apps and websites not offered by Facebook based on your ad preferences. You can do this by visiting your Facebook settings or tapping the AdChoices icon next to an Audience Network ad.

How to opt out of Facebooks ad tracking

It’s very simple to Opt out, what I don’t like is being Opted in by default.


Go to settings 

How to opt out of Facebooks ad tracking

Click Adverts on the left and change all to no – or off 

How to opt out of Facebooks ad tracking

And that’s it.

If you are not familiar with all of the settings I would take this time, to check over your privacy settings and to even sort out what you see in your Facebook news feed there is a lot you can do to make Facebook better and more personal to your needs.

I hope that you found out How to opt out of Facebook’s ad tracking