How to insert iFrame on WordPress, without a plugin or a widget

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What is an iFrame

An iFrame which stands for Inline Frame,  nothing to do with iPod iPhone or any Apple product – is an HTML code that creates a window that is embedded on to your website from another website – The thing about iFrames is that the web designer can change an iFrame content without you even knowing and years ago were subject to hackers placing malicious iFrame codes. However, usually you know the source of the code and are happy to use it on your website.

Recently I wanted to use an iFrame for a post I was writing about HugtrainUSA who are raising money and awareness for mental health this christmas – and the code was created with pictures and a donation button that when pressed took you directly to the site to donate, this is so much better than just a link.

This is the code pasted into Visual

<iframe src=”;participantID=5418″ width=”252″ height=”252″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”>&lt;a href=”;#038;participantID=5418″&gt;Make a Donation!&lt;/a&gt;</iframe>

How to insert an iFrame on WordPress

I was typing as I usually do in Visual not HTML – I copied and pasted the link but it didn’t work, I’ve embedded many videos from youtube so I didn’t understand why this code wouldn’t work.  I searched Google to understand a bit more about and I found many Plug-ins and widgets and ideas, then I started to read about HTML and I tried this…..

I switched to HTML – pasted the code and pressed publish (the rest of the post was complete it was just this iFrame that wasn’t working) Hey presto it was there. There is only one thing you need to remember and that is not to change back to Visual display for some reason it doesn’t work again.

Here is the code pasted into HTML

It doesn’t get more simple than that, I do not know the why or how I just know it worked perfectly – so if you can’t get your iframe to work on wordpress, try this.

Hope this helps