How to increase engagement with prospects and influencers

How to increase engagement with prospects and influencers

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The key to engagement on social networks is to connect with relevant people. If you are following or have people following you that aren’t within your niche you will never have anything in common and therefore you will not get engagement on your networks. So, we thought we’d show you how to increase engagement with prospects and influencers just by using Thryyve to find people that match your criteria.

What and Who are Thryyve

Thryyve is a free social media discovery tool.  It has a very clever search engine that searches for keywords used on Twitter and Facebook that are important to you.

The Start-up team of 5/6 people are based in Loughborough, Leicestershire in the United Kingdom. They are from a Start-Up Incubator at Loughborough University called The Advance Technology and Innovation Centre.

ATIC is a brand new building specifically designed to meet the evolving needs of early stage to larger SMEs. The centre is comprised of 54 business units and offers a range of workspace including; offices, labs and studios.

The guys are constantly working to improve the platform and to fit out exactly what you need to help you with your engagement.

How to increase engagement with prospects and influencers

Thryyve’s intelligent search engine system gives you more precise information than if you were to search on Twitter or even Google because it sorts out the information that YOU need, giving you the most relevant results at the top of your search. This method of searching saves you lots of time manually searching through lots of irrelevant data.

How to get started with Thryyvethryyve

Its very easy to get started with Thryyve and we’ve found it enjoyable and easy to navigate the platform.

All you have to do is to log in using your social media accounts – either Twitter or Facebook or both and accept the terms, if you agree with them.  They obviously need access to some of your information to give you the results you require.

Searching on Thryyve

When you have logged in you can start searching right away and from the results you receive, you can follow or unfollow people find out more about them and start to sort them into lists.

How to increase engagement with prospects and influencers


You can search by bio, post content and frequency by using keywords or phrases – you can also add filters like location and exclude people or words from your search.

How to increase engagement with prospects and influencers

Sadly Twitter has a restriction currently on the search by bio of a maximum of twenty people but that gives you to top twenty people so it’s still very useful. And Thryyee are working on Twitter to get access so hopefully that might change.   However searching posts will give you huge results depending on your search terms.

You can also Run your search right away or schedule the search at daily intervals.

Here we searched for people mentioning the words “Gamers” “Gaming” “Games”  and the results were as the picture.  You get a word cloud – and a sentiment cloud to see how you are affiliated

How to increase engagement with prospects and influencers

Under this header you get a list of all the Twitter accounts related to your search – showing the profile page and the tweet where the keyword was mentioned.   You can then tick the ones you want to keep for your lists, follow or unfollow.


Thryyve also have a system to send out surveys to your contacts which looks great, although we have not tried that as yet.

You can find out more about surveys, and all about Thryyve and Improving your engagement on Twitter in an interview with Paul Ince on a recorded Blab by Steven Healey which probably explains it in a lot more detail than we can.

Check out more of Steven Healey’s Blabs on – Blabbing for Britain

And of course sign up for Thryyve to check out how to increase engagement with prospects and influencers for yourself – its free and if  you have any suggestion please do inform them on the chat function, you will always get a reply.


Well that’s a shame – I’ve just seen this notice on the Thryyve website – watch this space though, they might be back

I just wanted to get in touch to let you know of a really difficult, but important decision for us at Thryyve. We’ve decided to shut down the Thryyve service.

I know, sad face.

We’ve had such fun taking our original idea from the depths of our brain to a product built and released to the world. Over the last eighteen months, we’ve learnt so much about social media data, what humans publish and what can be gleaned from the vast amount of information out there.