how to get verified on instagram

How to get verified on Instagram

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Many people ask me how to get verified on Instagram, so I thought I would just do a quick post showing you how easy it is to apply.

The verification badge is a great way to show the public that you are authentic. In one way it’s essential for celebrities to get verified on Instagram and the like because there are so many fake accounts around it’s unbelievable, you only really ever know if the account the real deal if they are verified. And in another way, the badge is just a sign of status that many users do not really need.

Many social networks have a verification badge, and many use the blue checkmark, which I believe Twitter was the first to use.

get verified on Instagram


Twitter has had verification available since 2009 when it was pretty easy to get, but its been impossible for a while now. However, Twitter relaunch verification program for 2021 

TikTok has the same tick for verification.

get verified on Instagram

Believe it or not, is really easy to apply to get verification on Instagram! Being accepted, however, is not so easy.  Only some public figures, celebrities, and brands have verified badges.

So you can submit a request but this by no means guarantees you will be accepted.  But it’s worth a shot, right?  Especially if you are a notable public figure, celebrity, or global brand.

How to get verified on Instagram

    1. Tap the 3 lines in the top left corner.
    2. Then Tap Settings.
    3. Next Tap Account.
    4. Then Tap Request Verification.
    5. Fill in the application form.
    6. Tap Send.

No blue tick for Instagram

If you have not been so lucky as to get verified on Instagram, there are other ways you can show that you are real or who you really are.

  • Make sure you fill in your bio, completely and add links to show who you are.
  • Always use an up to date image, preferably one that hasn’t been used in the newspapers or magazines.
  • Use stories to help people get to know who you are behind the scenes.
  • Encourage users to tag your business or yourself so other users can see people recommend you.Hope that helped you learn How to get verified on Instagram!

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