How to get a custom URL for YouTube 2016

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hands-589475_640 (1)When setting up your social media accounts, one of the most important assets you can have for your business is your own custom URL or Vanity URL.  These URLs will have your brand name (user name) in them and will establish your brand presence and brand recognition, also custom URL’s are great for SEO.

For instance

They should, of course, be all the same user name or at least as close as you can get it, and the shorter the better.   Some social networks are harder to get than others especially if they are more popular and YouTube has its own restrictions too as you will see.

Be sure also to get it right the first time, as some networks also do not allow you to change the custom URL once it is set up.

How to get a custom URL for YouTube 2016

Sign in to YouTube

Click on the Cog near your profile image – YouTube Settings

How to get a custom URL for YouTube

In the overview click on advanced


Under “Channel settings”, select the link to claim your custom URL.

In the “Get a custom URL” box, you’ll see the custom URL(s) that you’ve been approved for.

Depending on how you signed up for google or what Google pages you have attached will determine what URLs you are allowed to have.

So, that was just a quick guide to show you How to get a custom URL for YouTube – I hope it helped