How to fix – This webpage is not available

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This webpage is not availableFrom time to time you might get this page that pops up on Google Chrome, or any browser really – This webpage is not available.  

This is the fix for the Chrome browser – Webpage not available but it will work on others also.

Google Chrome for some reason cannot load the requested page, most of the time we probably just ignore it and move on to the next page that we want to view, however sometimes there is a simple fix.

  • First check the URL – Do you have the correct extension such as .com or .co. uk
  • Check the address in a different browser (such as Firefox or Opera – does it work there ? Then we know that its chrome causing the problem.
  • Check the address in a different PC, Laptop or mobile. If that works we know again that its either your browser or pc.

Fix “This webpage is not available” on Chrome by clearing your cookies

It can be that a corrupted cookie file might be stopping this page or pages from opening

1 – Click in the top right hand of the page

2 – Click Settings

This webpage is not available



3, Click – Show advanced settings at the bottom of the page

4.  In privacy – Click Content Settings

5. Click – All cookies and site data

6 – Restart Google Chrome

This webpage is not available


Remember that this will take away all data that is stored which might include passwords – so make sure you have all of your passwords and any log in details before you do this.  Although now we can ask Google Chrome to remember our passwords.

This seems to almost always fix all problems concerning This webpage is not available on Chrome, if this doesn’t help, there are Youtube videos that show you various options of changing things like your proxy settings which would probably be easier for you to watch there than for me to write.

Please do let me know if I’ve helped you out here in the comments, thanks.