How find more customers on Twitter

How to find more Customers on Twitter

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If you are using social media for your business, you need to have a targeted following, which is easier than you think on Twitter.  How to find more customers on Twitter, is a question that everyone asks. Twitter is a powerhouse of information which businesses sometimes overlook.  Twitter makes it easier than any other network to find and target new customers.

We all want new customers, followers, clients to get more visits to our websites and to essentially get more sales.  There is really no point in having 100k followers on Twitter who aren’t interested in what we do.  What we want are people who are interested in us and what we do.  We can search for these people or business in Twitter without even using adverts.

Twitter Bio

First of all, you need to make sure that your bio is set up correctly so that people who look at your profile know exactly what you do, and where you are. Add keywords and include a link, the link is very important, this can be your website, your LinkedIn, or an type link which shows all of your networks.  The reason for this is that most people who will take the time to check out your profile will almost always click the link in your Bio.

Now you are reading to start searching for new customers.

How to find more customers on Twitter

Twitter makes it easy for us to find our target audience or new customers on their social network with the use of Twitter Advance Search.

With Twitter Advance Search you can search Twitter for specific phrases, find Tweets to or from a user or narrow down Tweets by location. You can even search for only the Tweets that have a happy sentiment. 🙂

First, enter a search in the “search twitter” box.

How to find more customers on Twitter

Let’s say for instance you repair washing machines in London and you search for “washing machine broken”.

You are then taken to a page with lots of tweets with those words in but these words will be in any order and might contain other words. Twitter automatically shows you the Top tweets.

How to find more customers on Twitter

At this stage, this search isn’t very helpful. These people could be anywhere in the world and it might even be something else that is broken.

At the top of this results page, you will see sections for Top Tweets, Latest Tweets, Accounts, Photos, Videos and More Options.  You can click through those if you like to see what they do. However, the option we want is More Options and now clicking Advanced Search. <<  Or you could always just use that link.  You will then see the Advance search page.

Advanced Twitter Search

With Advanced Twitter Search you can now refine your search as follows


Tweets containing:-

  • All words in any position (“Broken and Machine and Washing”)
  • Exact phrases (“Broken Washing Machine”)
  • Any of the words (“Broken” or Machine or Washing”)
  • Tweets excluding specific words (“Washing Machine” but not Broken”)
  • A specific hashtag (#Hotpoint)
  • Tweets in a specific language (written in English)


  • From a specific account (Tweeted by “@Hotpoint”)
  • Tweets sent as replies to a specific account (in reply to “@Hotpoint”)
  • Tweets that mention a specific account (Tweet includes “@Hotpoint”)


  • Tweets sent from a location of your choice or choice near to my own location


  • Choose a date range you want to see Tweets from


  • Choose a sentiment – Positive – Negative – Quotes or include retweets.

You will then be shown a new list of tweets that are much more targeted, and you still have the options above (Top Tweets, Latest Tweets, Accounts, Photos, Videos and More Options) so you can easy refine it even more.

You can then choose to Follow these accounts, put them in a list to watch them and nurture them, create conversations with them.

On this example search it was more direct so you might want to take action.  I’d still be careful about storming in saying Hey we can fix your washing machine as people don’t usually like that. What you could do is use your personal account to tweet the person “hey, it’s awful when your washing machine stops working @werepairhotpoint are in your area maybe they can fix it for you”.  Crafty, maybe but it gets your tweet across in a more helpful way.

And that is How to find more customers on Twitter.

Remember this was a really simple example of a search which shows that that by combining fields in advanced search, you have a really cool PowerSearch, without having to move from  No need to even use a third-party platform.

You can even use IFTTT to save a search and send results to you via email – check out their website – maybe that’ll be another blog post.

Happy Searching – Please comment or find me on twitter @michelledh if you have any questions.