How to Facebook live without the mirror image

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Do you know How to Facebook live without the mirror image, don’t worry you are not alone

Live streaming has really taken off during the lockdown, with many people working from home due to Coronavirus. Or maybe they have more time on their hands to spend on the internet, so they are venturing into broadcasting on Facebook.

However, in the rush people are doing Facebook lives on their iPhones or iPads. And they are doing them backward.  They are showing books or products and it’s all in  mirror image so really we have no idea what they are showing us.  So I thought I’d do a quick blog to tell you How to Facebook live without the mirror image

The problem is because when people are filming or recording they like to have the screen facing them during their live stream or broadcast so they can see themselves and so they can read comments, but then realise after that they are back to front.

So you see many different questions about this because they just can’t figure out how to flip the camera. They are asking why am I all left-handed on my Facebook live streams and why are my slogans on my T-shirt back to front, it’s amusing to watch really because all the need to do is to flip the camera, and it seems all systems are different.  And this is how to do a Facebook live without the mirror image on Apple phones or tablets, there is a setting on android too but it is actually in settings.

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How to Facebook live without the mirror image

Broadcast to your Page, group, profile or event from anywhere in the world using the Facebook app

Fliping the camera in your Facebook live is really simple to do but its pretty much hidden on Apple devices.  It’s not like it comes up and says he press me, its amongst the settings and unless you know its there, you just don’t think about clicking it.

1 – Click Go live or Live Video

Now you can see yourself

2 – Click the Wand Icon     

Now you see lots of icons

3 – Click the Tools – in the far right.

How to Facebook live without the mirror image

Now you can see these icons.

4 – Click the one that has the horizontal split-screen – on the far left.

Now you are ready to Livestream on Facebook live knowing How to Facebook live without the mirror image