How to enable the new Blogger or Blogspot new threaded comments

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Bloggers on Google’s Blogger blog sites have been asking the question for a long time, when will we get threaded comments like you can have on websites such as wordpress.

Now they can, today Blogger announced they have made another improvement to Blogger and that is that they new support threaded commenting.

Threaded commenting makes it much easier to see whether someone is actually just commenting on the blog or in fact replying to another comment.

This makes it much more likely for people to leave feedback on a blog as they can submit there on view on someone else’s response to your blog post.

For instance – on my blog problems with twitter on the iphone 4s

Bob might comment – This solution didn’t fix it for me, its still not working.

Janice can now reply to Bobs comment  – You must be doing something wrong, as it worked for me and hopefully Bob has clicked notify by mail of any updates to comments on this post – then Bob will see it and he could even reply back.

Where as before Janice would have written Bob you must be doing something wrong.  And now that comment could be far away from Bob’s comment and make no sense to anyone and now we have a discussion going on right on our blogs.

This should be enabled without you doing anything but you can check by going to

SettingsOther and click Full from the Allow Blog Feed drop down.

And then go to SettingsPosts and Comments and select Embedded from the Comment Location dropdown.

There are some problems however, bloggers are complaining that if you get a few blog comments it does take a long time to load the page.  Also some gadgets aren’t working, it is suggested that if this is happening that you reset the gadget to default.

If the new threaded comments are there but not working  – Helen, beauty blogger from Sparlz and Shine read that someone took off all of their gadgets and readded one by one to find the offending gadget, and it was the twitter gadget. Helen removed this and all its fine.

One more thing if you have  a custom template, not just a premade blogger template it seems you might not have the feature at all yet, some do and some don’t.

Enjoy the new feature bloggers 🙂

Hope this helps

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