How to easily rename all of the files in one folder in Windows.

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Its like this, you took 100 photo’s on your smartphone while you are at the event last week and you want to put them on flickr, photobucket , ImageShack@, Picasa or where ever it is you put your photographs

Time is of the essence, you’ve named the photos with people you know in, and now you are bored and left with 98 un-named photos. 🙂    If you put them on your image hosting website entitled IMG0234.JPG etc no one will ever be able to find them in a search (Bad SEO) and it just looks awful. So with these 4 easy steps you can name them all “Nokia-Event-Oct11” for example.  Also you may just want to do this to tidy up your photos or files on your computer.

Here is how to do it.

1) Open the folder or directory holding the files (photos) you are wishing to rename.

2) Highlight the files you want to rename –

For all of the files – Click CTRL A
For “most” of them hold down the shift button click and drag until all items are highlighted
For just a selected few – press CTRL and click the files that you want to rename.



3) Press F2 on the keyboard and it allows you to rename one file

4) Press enter and hey presto – like magic, they are all named correctly !

Not fantastic renaming on my part, but just an example.

Hope this helps.