How to easily add a profile banner to your Facebook profile

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First you need to add the application.

Type in search – Profile banner, its the top one, like this. (Make sure it is this one, they have the most followers – as the bogus ones are in the process of being banned by Facebook.)

Then click go to app – and continue.

Then you need to upload  your banner –
Click Choose File to find it on your computer.
Choose a name and category – I had to also click stretch to fit on my design as it is narrow.
Click Upload

Let it do its magic …

Then it will bring up your image and say you need to tag it – you have to allow the application access, something I don’t normally do but I have used this one for a while, and had no problems with it.

Now just click the picture – it works its magic by tagging it for you.


Check your profile and its worked 🙂

Now adding this to your Facebook fan page doesn’t work so well as it says that it puts them in random order so you need an image that doesn’t need to be in order. (its splits it in to 5 images) Which is really strange as it works on your profile?

However to try it anyway; I clicked Post to Fan Page and it did in fact mess them up in the wrong order and it was a nightmare to delete them.

So for Fan Pages, this application isn’t a good idea, unless it doesn’t matter which order they go in – or of course you can use the pre-made ones from the application.

Hope this helps.