How to Download Your Flickr Photos Before Deletion in 3 days – Extension March 12th

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Well, that went quick, it seems only yesterday we learned that Flickr had been sold – when it was actually almost a year ago.    Now we need to know How to Download Your Flickr Photos Before Deletion in 3 days!

June 2010 was when I signed up for Flickr, it was the year I started my Social Media Management Journey.  I didn’t actually use Flickr that much. I didn’t abuse the fact that we could store so many images there, I forget what storage it started with but its now 2tbs but over time I have accrued over 3000 images.

How to Download Your Flickr Photos Before Deletion in 3 days

So, the story is SmugMug acquired Flickr last year from Yahoo (sigh) – and immediately said – well that’s enough of your free ride – you can only have 1000 images free now – not 2TBs!!!  Thanks very much, SmugMug  –  so unless you are going to get a pro account which isn’t that much but why bother when you can store them on Google photos for free which is awesome, better than Flickr TBH – of course, there is always the chance that Google will get rid of Google Photos but we can cross that bridge when we come to it. Or of course, there is Amazon Photos but that is always reliant of you having Amazon Prime.


We really don’t like it when we have had something free for so long, having to pay for it. Which happens, of course, businesses are here to make money and  I realise £5.99 isn’t a lot – but it all adds up – and why pay when you don’t need to.

But it is what it is… I’m not getting a pro account – as I said I didn’t use it much only to store some images to share either privately or with friends. And I did use to like and share peoples images at one point too.

UPDATE Flickr has given an extension you now have until the 12th of March to meet the new limits – it might have something to do with the fact that everyone said the site was down when they were trying to get their photos

How to download your images from Flickr

So there are many ways to do this – the first way is to go Settings and about   

Request my Flickr data.

and it says that you can download all of your data that’s photos, metadata, comments, and GPS data that accompany the photos in a zip file – and they would email it to you – well I did that and I didn’t see anything for hours, I guess they are busy but I didn’t want to chance it.

So I thought I’d download them manually too…

How to Download Your Flickr Photos Before Deletion in 3 days

Click –  YOU
and then  – Camera Roll


How to Download Your Flickr Photos Before Deletion in 3 days


Click Select all and Download

I read that you could only download 5000 at a time, I’m not sure if that is still relevant. But if so then do each album at a time. 

FYI the site is really slow right now. I assume everyone has left it until the last minute to do this.

Another way to download is to click albums and delete each album depending on how many albums you have. I did mine this way because I am hoping then I can keep them in each album.

So on any of these ways once you click download you will get a notification that you will be able to save a zip file to your computer.

Creative Commons on Flickr 

Flickr did say that they won’t remove any Creative Commons images. However now it seems you can’t just change your permissions to creative commons in an attempt to not have your photos taken down.

Flickr said…….

Are Commons Photos Being Deleted?

No. And once more for good measure: no, Commons photos are not being deleted.

Photos that were Creative Commons licensed before our announcement are also safe. We won’t be deleting anything that was uploaded with a CC license before November 1, 2018. Even if you had more than 1,000 photos or videos with a CC license. However, if you do have more than 1,000 photos or videos uploaded, you’ll be unable to upload additional photos after January 8, 2019, unless you upgrade to a Pro account.

So thats a shame, I would have had mine as CC but I didn’t change all of them until after November if you’d like to just in case

Here is how to change the license on your images – Click here – Flickr/privacy

And click the right license for you – I changed mine to Non-commercial ShareAlike


3 Days Left to Download your Photos before Flickr Deletes them


I hope you know now How to Download Your Flickr Photos Before Deletion in 3 days

Well, I wonder how many will be signing up for a pro account – are you?