How to Delete your Netlog Account

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I am a member a good few social networking sites, as you may well imagine – as I love trying out new sites and keeping them going, if they are good.

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Netlog has been going for sometime now, and as it was associated with windows live messager I wasn’t very bothered about joining it, however it seemed to be getting more popular and I was informed that they had greatly improved features on the site.

Market leader

According to ComScore, Netlog is page view market leader in Belgium, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Romania and Turkey. In the Netherlands, Germany, France and Portugal, Netlog occupies a second place. Netlog is the pan-European market leader as well. Every month, over 100 million visitors browse the site, accounting for more than 2 billion page views.

I went over to Netlog to check it out.

First thing I didn’t like  – it says search for friends on Google – this suggests that it will bring up a list of people on Netlog that are my google friends and I can choose to add them, doesn’t it?

No it doesn’t bring up a list  – search for friends on Google – what it does is send spam emails to everyone in your gmail address book. Not only that, it sends this email out again a week later.  Which even look like spam, as people asked me, why are you sending me spam, “I didn’t click on it, as it looked suspicious”.

The random “email me” messages you get from other users are a bit annoying, so you’d need to adjust your settings if you did want to keep Netlog.  I’m no prude – but that’s just annoying when you have in your profile that you are not interested in “that sort of thing”.

The most shocking thing was,  when I went to my Posterous Space  – published on my site it had.

Reminder: Michelle Harris wants to add you as a friend on Netlog
On Wednesday 8 February 2012, you were invited to join Netlog, the social community for millions of users.

This was posted on the 15th of Febuary – so I’m assume they just don’t stop, and there is no way to take off your permissions. So… it has to go.

Someone I know asked me how to delete it as they could not find it.

How to delete your Netlog Social networking account.

Click what is Trust  (this is where they ask you to pay for better services)

Click Delete, the grey tab

State your reasons for leaving, and click Delete.

And that should be an end to it 🙂  I personally think the reason its got so many followers are A) from windows live messenger and B) no one can find out to delete it! ha!

Hope this helps