How to change Facebook Profile to a Page

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You might think it would complicated to change Facebook Profile to a Page but its actually not long as you make sure you do a few things first, its pretty straight forward and very quick.

Why might you want to change your Facebook Profile to a Facebook page

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If you started up Facebook Profile for a business or organisation and now realise that you can have a page just by converting it, taking all of your followers with you, which will now LIKE your page automatically. Having likes to start business page is fantastic and its great of Facebook to allow this.  Maybe for this reason you have two profiles and one page, and after this you can merge the two business pages so that it becomes one.


What to do before migrating your Facebook Profile to a business page

First, and the most crucial is to change your name and the user name to the name of your business page.   –  Important to note that if you are then after merging pages, they will need to have the same or very very similar name.   The problem here is that you can only change your user name once and your name a few times.  So if you can’t do this you will have to request to Facebook first.

To change your Facebook name and/or user name

Click the Cog – Account Setting – Name – User Name

Also the same if you are trying to merge two pages with different names, its not possible, again you can request it but its very difficult.

Appoint a new admin to any groups you manage or pages you admin – or use your other profile.

One thing to remember or know is that all you bring over to your page is your profile picture and your followers – so if you want to download all of your images etc from the page, you will do that first.


a copy of your Facebook data.

Here you can start your download, and you will receive an email when it is finished.

Now it is time to Change your Facebook Profile to a Facebook page

Make sure that you are logged in with your Facebook profile and click here

Migrate your Facebook Profile

You will now see this page, choose the box that relates to your business or organisation and fill in all of the details (remembering to fill them in the same if you are merging two pages together afterwards) Then click get started.




It then warns you that you will lose all of your data – and you can click download my data here if  you haven’t already done it, if not – enter your password.

Now you are virtually done, on the next pages you can add a profile picture and  add some more details.

And that’s done.

Don’t panic if you don’t see all of your likes come over at once, for some profiles it can take up-to 24 hours before the likes have all transferred.

Next time I will walk you through how to merge two Facebook pages together.

Happy Migrating.