StartUp Dash – the free mobile game that teaches kids how to be an entrepreneur

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I just wanted to tell you about StartUp Dash – the free mobile game that teaches kids how to be an entrepreneur as it is such a brilliant idea.    The game which is an Action Adventure Runner was created by Julian Hall from Ultra Gaming Ltd who has the vision to help 10 Million kids age 7-18 by 2020 amplify the idea of “Entrepreneurship”.  I just realised that haven’t written about a mobile game for some time, in fact, Stubies might have been the last one!

This game is a bit different however, it’s not just a game, it a game that is set to inspire and teach business to the next generation of entrepreneurs and leaders through gaming fun.  It is really just for kids but us adults are having great fun with it too.

Mobile gaming a fantastic way to reach people, with over 2.1 billion mobile gamers in the world and kids spending over 2  hours per day playing games on their phones, I can see this being very popular, learn and play at the same time, there should really be more games like this.  They don’t even know they are learning. 🙂

StartUp Dash – How to be an entrepreneur

Entrepreneur Eddie is a guy with an idea, in fact Eddie has a tonne of ideas, but can he turn his ideas into a business and start-up his company?

Help Entrepreneur Eddie and Pandora Profit dash along a perilous road filled with obstacles and hidden pitfalls. They have to collect as many good ideas as possible to make their start-up business successful.

Start-Up Dash is a fast paced action adventure runner which will make you use all your speed and reflexes to decide when accelerate your startup, shoot sales targets and exit when you decide to sell your company.


So, let’s take a look at StartUp Dash – The game is free but it does offer In-App Purchases, so make sure your kid doesn’t have access to buying powerups without your knowledge.

You need to make sure you have the Game centre on iOS as I didn’t and I couldn’t see the leader-board.

When you first click on the icon, the game starts up and it says “Looking for good ideas” on the load bar, love that touch!

When it’s done loading you are presented with Entrepreneur Eddie to play with

StartUp Dash - the free mobile game that teaches how to be an entrepreneur

In the top left of this screen, you can see that there are other characters to unlock with in-game cash called Dash Money which you earn there is Pandora Profits and coming soon The Ultra Kid – which I think these kids were modelled on Julian’s own kids, who love the game.



The next icon you can see is Stats – which show you your own stats in the game and then a button at the bottom shows the high scores.




Then the Dictionary – which is a great touch too – which has all of the meaning of business words that might come up that the kids might be unsure about.




The last button at the top is Power-ups – you can buy power-ups with in-game cash,  to help with your marketing, ideas, products, and speed boosts.




StartUp Dash - the free mobile game that teaches how to be an entrepreneur

The bottom buttons are…

Sounds – Turn on and Off

Shop – Where you can buy Dash Money

Music – Turn on and Off


Right now you know all the buttons you can get going with your Start-Up and learning how to be an entrepreneur by racing!

how to be an entrepreneur

To get started racing you simply touch the screen – as you are running down the screen you will come across obstacles that you need to jump, dodge or run through, and you will get messages come up on the screen as you do so.

You will see targets that you need to hit with your arrow by tapping the screen – if you hit it – that’s your sales target hit!

You will see red lights – which are bad ideas – if you don’t dodge these by swiping left or right or up to jump over them, your business will fail but don’t worry, try again.

how to be an entrepreneur

You will see yellow lights which are good ideas run through as many as these as possible for extra points.

and you will see big FAIL signs to dodge and competitors too, which at this early stage in your business you do not want to come head to head with so you need to dodge those too.

If you fail or crash you can keep your profits, sell your startup, continue with coins or try again – the message is DON’T GIVE UP< TRY AGAIN – love it.

Take a look at the youtube video for in-game action.

I think that’s enough without giving out spoilers to tell you about StartUp Dash – the free mobile game that teaches how to be an entrepreneur.

Its free so go and download it to find out the rest, there is so much more in it as you grow your start up.

Each and every download and share will help me to achieve our goal of helping 10M young people by 2020!


Google Play…

Seller Ultra Gaming Ltd
Size 142.2 MB
Category Games


Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


Age Rating Rated 4+
Copyright © Ultra Gaming Ltd
Price Free