How to add 8 People to WhatsApp Video Calls

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Facebook-owned WhatsApp have announced that 8 people can now take part in video chat and many people are now asking me How to add 8 People to WhatsApp Video Calls. Whatsapp has not long had video calling and it was restricted to just four people on camera at one time.

If you don’t know about Whatsapp, it is a messaging app, where you can message family and friends for free, and you can create your own groups with up to 256 people, for free. And now you can have up to 8 people on video calls. And I will show you below How to add 8 People to WhatApp Video Calls

With many people now working from home the need for video calling has increased exponentially!  So the new update rolled out this week has doubled the maximum number allowed on a call. This is through voice and video.

How to add 8 People to WhatsApp Video Calls

2 Billion Users on Whatsapp

With most of us already on Whatsapp, that’s 2 billion users around the world this is a good move for Whatsapp! More would be even better, but most teams and friends will be able to use this system for free and without downloading another app. People who are working from home are going to get lots of use out of this.

If you are finding that you haven’t got it yet, you do need to do the update that is on the app store and the play store.

How to add 8 People to WhatsApp Video Calls

This can only be done using the mobile app it cannot be done using the Webapp version of Whatapp 

Make sure you have a strong internet connection when placing or receiving video calls. A poor wifi signal is going to cause bad quality.

How to  make a video call

  1. Open the chat with the contact you want to video call.


  1. Tap Video Call .



How to add 8 People to WhatsApp Video Calls


Receive WhatsApp Video Call

When you get a notification saying a call is coming in.

  • If Locked – Slide the notification to the left,
    Tap –  View > Accept.

    • Or just slide the notification to the right to accept the call.
  • If you want to decline to the same to decline.

If unlocked

  • Pull the notification down,
    Accept or tap the notification to accept the call.
  • Or Tap Decline..

If you are ready in WhatsApp – you see a message saying a call is coming in.

  • Accept .
  • Decline .
  • Remind Me  and select if you want to be reminded In 1 hour or When I leave.
  • Message  to decline the call with a quick message.



Switch between video and voice calls


If you don’t want to be seen, let’s face it sometimes we don’t.  You can just switch from a video call to a voice call

  1. Just tap Video Off 
  2. When accepted it will go off.


Switch from a voice call to a video call

If you are already on a voice call and want to change it to a video call – its the same thing just

  1. Tap video call .

How to add 8 People to WhatsApp Video Calls

How group video call from a group

  1. Go to your group
  2. Tap Group Call .
    • If your group chat has four or less you need to tap Video Call 
  3. Or you can search for more people to add.
  4. Tap Video Call 
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