How many times should I post on social media

How many times should I post on social media

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Many people ask me, how often should I post on social media, and the shortest answer I can give is this –  As long as it is consistent and very good quality, you can post as often as you like.

However this is not really what they want to hear, or even the right answer.  People want the magic answer, and the one that tells them how little they can post on social media and still make a difference.

So, here is the long answer to – How many times should I post on social media

There are a lot of things it depends on, firstly which social network, they do vary – and the other is how many followers do you have.

Posting too much can make followers or friends bored, annoyed, dread seeing another post from you and some will leave, and posting to infrequently makes people forget who you are.


How many times should I post on social media

80 – 20 rule

Another thing to remember is the 80 – 20 rule, this means that only 20% of what you post should be about you, and what you are selling the rest, needs to be, good quality content that your followers will enjoy.

Consistency is Key

Saying that, still the most important think you need to thing about is to be consistent.  If you are going to go all out barrels blazing and post 10 posts a day to Twitter, you need to keep it that way you can just do it for one week and expect miracles.   Same the other way which hurts more, you cannot post one post a day for weeks and suddenly post 10 posts in an hour… people will leave, unfollow, ban or block, they are not used to seeing all that in their feed.


Quality is everything

There is no good posting 10 posts a day if they aren’t quality, they aren’t helping anyone, they are just gap fillers, yes you can have gap fillers, like quotes or funny images, but not all of the time. Posts need to be engaging, new, exciting, helpful or beautiful.

And also guess what, posting updates is not what Social media is all about to make this work, you need to be liking, commenting, following, engaging, with your target market, this is the MOST important thing you can do on Social media

But back the the original question, how often should I post on social media?

I hear you asking again. So let’s get into it.

This might shock you …


So, a Facebook post lasts for much longer, than any other network.  It doesn’t die for at least 3  hours some experts say, more say that its 5 hours, I say much more than that, I might even say 12 hours, especially if someone likes or comments on it, that baby will keep on going.  This all depends on reach and impressions, followers and likes.

On surveys done, posting to Facebook frequency affects clicks per post! Pages with over 10000 followers’ clicks per post peaked at 1 or 2 posts per day! Fewer followers than that and 1 per day was enough. Oddly the pages which had 1-200 followers could actually post 61+ times per month saw an increase.  So, we are saying once to three times per day are totally enough – so your 10 times a day on Facebook – stop that.


LinkedIn is very similar to Facebook in this respect, although people are less tolerant of spammy posts, sales posts, quotes and fluffy dogs.  Make sure its quality

The life span is pretty big, but I have no hard facts for you only what I’ve learned and what I’ve see

n.  LinkedIn once said that 20 posts per month reach 60% of your audience so on that, Once per day on LinkedIn, is enough.

How many times should I post on social media


This is my favourite network – and the most forgiving but a Twitter post is only good for 18 minutes, which means that you need to post often to make an impact.
From my experience 7 – 10 posts per day is perfect.  And once you get over 3000 followers, 10 posts a day is minimum, plus retweets, comments and likes, you are on a winner.

You can tweet 30/40/50 times a day without it being too much of a problem.  Twitter wants your posts, and you need to reach everyone at all times, so keep a check on you analytics to see when people are seeing your tweets.


More similar to Facebook but most gurus agree that an Instagram post last for 19 hours. However where as people are fussy on Facebook and LinkedIn if you post too much, Instagram is more forgiving!  Posting to Instagram needs to be consistent and it needs to be around once per day – but if you have more to say there are stories and you can post more, just be consistent, and have great quality.

So in conclusion, the fast answer to – How often should I post on social media is

Facebook – 1-2 posts per day maximum

Instagram – at least once per day

LinkedIn – at most once per day

Twitter – around 7 – 10 times per day minimum.

The best thing you can do to make sure this is working for you, is to stick at this for 3 months, then check your analytics – to check you followers, engagement and reach to see how it is working. If it’s not working, check your quality is great, and you are not over promoting and adjust you posting schedule accordingly.

If this is all too much for you – you call always get someone to take away the pain for you, a social media manager.