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Fight Cyber Crime – Report Phishing Scams and Other Suspicious Emails 

With a new initiative now from the National Cyber Security Centre and the Police, we can now Report Phishing Scams and Other Suspicious Emails.  This has been going on for two weeks now and the public have already flagged over 160,000 suspicious emails. Many of these new scams are praying on peoples fears, as usual, so we don’t think we just click.   Cybercriminals are sending out many more at the moment as they are using Covid19 to make money.  These scams are fake offers for masks and testing kits. Report Phishing Scams and Other Suspicious Emails The most important thing […]

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How to add 8 People to WhatsApp Video Calls

Facebook-owned WhatsApp have announced that 8 people can now take part in video chat and many people are now asking me How to add 8 People to WhatsApp Video Calls. Whatsapp has not long had video calling and it was restricted to just four people on camera at one time. If you don’t know about Whatsapp, it is a messaging app, where you can message family and friends for free, and you can create your own groups with up to 256 people, for free. And now you can have up to 8 people on video calls. And I will show […]

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As we turn to Social Media during Corona Virus – TikTok reports a 25% increase.

As we turn to Social media during Corona Virus – TikTok reports a 25% increase. Social Media business is booming!  And not just for Boomers.  you see what I did there. TikTok reports a 25% increase just this month! Think about that for a while… TikTok was already a very popular social network but is proving now to be even more so – after the dancing doctors and nurses go viral during the Covid19 crises. Giving TikTok a 25% rise in viewers in the past month.  It’s not just TikTok either – remember many of the 3.8 billion people who […]

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#remoteworking during a crisis – 25 Authors – 10 Days – 1 Book!

It’s a very different situation to be #remoteworking during a crisis. As a freelancer working from home I have some pretty good routines and disciplines set up for #remoteworking. However, this enforced working from home during quarantine is a very different kettle of fish. Let me tell you how 25 people came together and in 10 days produced and published a book called #remoteworking. The book soon became an international bestseller on Amazon. I think its an amazing story. I’m been proud to be involved, so I wanted to share it with you. Professionals Working From Home I am the […]

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The Design and Presentation Tool – Visme an Alternative to Canva

I’ve been having a play with The Design and Presentation Tool – Visme an alternative to Canva for a few months now as a complimentary trial. And I’m very excited to tell you that Visme recently unleashed a brand new set of features and interactive assets that no other design tools have!  These new features and assets on Visme are just amazing and easy to use, such a time savers!     I use these types of design tools all the time in my business with my social media clients and for me, each one has there one sweet spot, but […]

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Top 5 tips for remote working

Top 5 Tips for Remote Working

Not everyone finds it easy to work from home and these Top 5 tips for remote working might just come in handy in the near future for many people. Some people think of working from home as rolling out of bed in the morning and working all day in your pajamas. Well, I can tell you that just doesn’t work, you might do it once or twice. However, to sustain a healthy work-life routine, this behavior, however much fun it seems just doesn’t work.  Your brain thinks you are ready for bed!  So I thought I’d give you my top […]

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