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As Maria walked towards the beach that morning she had a nervous feeling in her stomach and a bead of sweat on her brow. Even this late in the year the beach was still heaving with happy holiday makers sunbathing or playing in the sea. There were lots of bronzed muscled bodies seemingly working with the water sports company – taking people out on boat rides and renting various kayaks, pedal boats or inflatables. Maria chose an inconspicuous spot amid the other bathers, far enough away but also near enough to see, she rolled out her towel and got comfortable […]

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Three Steps to Facebook Heaven

  Ways to edit your Facebook settings. I was prompted to write this post after hearing a few scary stories, one about some teachers that were having an evening out (an event) which lots of ex-students arrived at for a joke as they had seen it advertised on Facebook, and a pretty bad story involving a teenager that I know, who was lucky someone helped them change their settings soon enough. I still just don’t get it that people don’t use the Facebook settings to their full advantage. Either they just don’t know about these settings, they don’t know who […]

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Men in flip-flops – I don’t get it.

Men in flip-flops, you guessed it, I don’t get it. Maybe it’s just me, I’m not a lover of feet, they aren’t the most attractive part of a person’s body are they? Lets be honest here; they are frequently frightening to look at. There is just something very wrong about men baring their toes in a pair of flip-flops. I do appreciate however, that flip-flops are particularly practical for shower use, or on the beach, especially when you are wet from the sea, and need something to put on quickly. Personally, I think they should stay there; at the beach. […]

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Michael Jackson Fever, fuelled by us. I don’t get it.

  I admit I was up late after hearing that Michael Jackson was taken into hospital with cardiac arrest, poised at the pc tapping frantically into various news sites and radio stations. I was waiting for more information to say what had actually happened. Then suddenly the news came in on Twitter that (the celebrity gossip website) had announced that MJ had died. Stunned, I looked at the screen in disbelief; it could be another hoax, I thought, it’s happened before. The acquired knowledge that Michael Jackson was dead was already taking over the internet. On facebook and twitter, […]

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The BR Gatekeeper

  The air was as hot and sticky as I felt, rushing to get to the station on time. People chattering all around the building, hustling, rushing to get to their destination, it unnerved me for some reason. Finally I reached the front of the long queue in the line for tickets with minutes to spare to catch the train, where I was confronted by a woman who actually looked like a witch with her long chin and long very dark hair. “One child ticket and a platform ticket please.” I asked politely. “A platform ticket?” she enquired, looking at […]

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Do the people at Apple get it?

Okay so do we get excited or not….? I’ve seen alot of reports this week about the new iPhone. No one is saying if its true or not. Its a rumour they say. So I’ve been waiting…Then! Today I saw this …….. You, like me would think wow this must be true then – but as you read on it says….. Of course we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the source’s claims since Apple will neither confirm nor deny any future product releases, including if a new phone will even be released! Urgh … so we are back to square […]

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