Hashtag Manager from Buffer will help with Shadowbans

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Do you have trouble remembering all of the different hashtags you want to use for yourself or clients, well you are going to love Hashtag Manager from Buffer!

We all know that on social media, hashtags are very important.

.  Hashtags are the best way to make your images found.  You can even follow hashtags on instagram.

Did you know that the limit on the amount of hashtags you can officially use is 30

However, unless you are very organised and have saved the hashtags you want to use, it can be very time consuming. Especially on instagram where on the mobile app you can’t even copy and paste them from instagram into your updates. And don’t forget the Shadowban threat, it can all get very messy very quickly.

Shadowbans and hashtag manager from Buffer

You probably know that there are some hashtags that are banned. These might be banned for ever or just temporarily. Using these banned hashtags can make your image disappear or the rest of your hastags. Or worse these hashtags can shadowban, block or penalize your account.

Its good to use a hashtag checker like IQHashtags. With this platform you can check to see if your hashtag has been banned.  Even the most simple ones get banned and we have no idea why.

Banned this year have been #beautyblogger  #dogsofinstagram  #followforfollow #newyears

If you want to know if your account on instagram has been effected by the shadowban – check here Have I been shadowbanned on instagram  

This subject is really a whole new blog post!  I’m just showing you how useful it is to keep a list of good hashtags available and you can now do that using hashtag manager. Note – if you don’t use Buffer, use notepad after checking.

Our friends at Buffer, have created a better way to save and manage hashtags.  They now have what they call Hashtag Manager!  The only catch here is that its not on the free version. Well you can’t have everything in life for free right? 🙂   If you are on a premium or business account then you can create and save groups of hashtags on your buffer composer!

With groups you can have numerous sets of hashtags based on different parts of your audience or target market.  For example I often post about different things and sometimes have clients on my buffer account – so I could groups for various audience segments:

    • Vegans

    •            Eco-Friendly
    • Art

    • Social Media


Libraries of hashtags

So you can build up libraries of hashtags to place in your specific update. The hashtags will go directly into the first comment. Which is a common strategy these days, especially if you are using a lot of hash tags to keep your captions neat.

Hashtag Manager from Buffer

How do I get Hashtag Manager from Buffer

The Hashtag Manager feature is only available on our Premium and Business Plans. 

With Buffer Publish, you can now directly schedule your Instagram photo and video posts, including hashtags in the first comment to enhance the potential reach of everything you publish.

“With the release of Instagram first comment, we saw that nearly every comment was a group of hashtags. This aligned with what we heard through research — that customers were saving groups of hashtags in notes and documents to copy and paste into the composer. I was chomping at the bit to streamline that workflow,” says Lauren.

You can use Hashtag manager right away, all you need to do is select your instagram account and click the hashtag symbol. This will open the Hashtag Manager and you can start creating groups.

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