Hard reset or restore factory settings Nokia N8

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My adventures with the Nokia N8 are over and its time for him to go back to home, thanks guys. http://www.womworld.com/nokia/  
I thought I should do a hard reset but on checking how to do this I found it was called  three-fingered suicide – EEK! Warning –  May lose Ovi Maps and Ovi Store and some other applications.
I read that it is only advisable to hard reset in extreme circumstances.
Not that it bothers me but it might cause problems to the next person who tests out this phone.
Restore factory settings may be the better option,  I’d advise you to do this first if you are having problems.   I just wanted to delete personal data so this was enough for me.  Although there is an option to keep your data and just restore.
Restore Factory Settings
  • Menu
  • Settings
  • Phone
  • Phone Management
  • Factory settings
  • Delete data and restore or restore.

This worked for me, all of my data was removed.
If you have still having problems however you may need to do this…

 How to hard reset
You need a lot of fingers for this ……..
Turn phone off
Hold down – Menu Button, Volume down button, and Camera button together
Press the power button.
The phone will vibrate and restart.
That’s it then, ready to pack it away.
Hope this helps. 🙂