Halloween – Trick or Treating – I don’t get it

//Halloween – Trick or Treating – I don’t get it

Halloween – Trick or Treating – I don’t get it

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It’s a dark night, the moon is shining brightly giving the street an eerie atmosphere, and it’s bitterly cold. People feel apprehensive as they walk along the pavements, peering to see where they are going. Gangs of teenagers are huddled on street corners looking menacing, giving younger children an uneasy feeling. The children however are excited about what they might receive, they do feel a little scared but try to appear fearless as they are with their friends. All are hoping for riches or to be able to play a joke on unsuspecting strangers.

Halloween – Trick or Treating – I don’t get it – I really don’t get it.

The real reason for Trick or Treating;

The practice of souling – farmers going from door to door on or about All Souls Day to solicit gifts of food in return for prayers for the dead

In the phrase finder, trick or treating is explained like this…

The ultimatum given by children who call on houses to solicit gifts at Halloween.

We are allowing our children to threaten us or other people if they don’t get what they want? Is that right? Doesn’t it go against what we teach our children all year?

Before you call me a spoil sport, yes – its fun for kids, and they like to be involved, its tradition and becoming even more popular, so they’d feel left out if you did nothing. It’s more important in America however, so I’m told – where they have family Halloween parties with games, traditional foods and houses are decorated. We all love an excuse for a party, even I am going to one this year, first ever.

In England, at Halloween – kids just want to go out begging (oh sorry, trick-or-treating), and parents appear to let them go unaccompanied. Halloween costumes are supposedly traditionally used, such as ghosts, skeletons, devils or witches which are thought to scare away demons, although it seems that now any costume is acceptable, you see fairies and princesses too, which I don’t think protect you much from evil.

(In Scotland however, its a little different, you used to actually have to do something for your treat – a song, a dance, or read a poem – and they call it Guising.)

Dressed up children walk around, knocking on doors or ringing bells of strangers, remember that rule don’t talk to strangers? – it could be an old granny who is scared to open the door and might get a trick because of it. Or it could be…. Hannibal Lecter?! So…? I’m prone to slight exaggeration but who knows who is going to open that door? I don’t think it’s safe for the younger or non-streetwise kids to go trick or treating, especially unaccompanied by an adult, and the older kids, well they could just find themselves in trouble, what they are doing could be treated as a criminal offence.


If you have kids that are going out – Debrett’s has posted its advice to the etiquette-challenged at Halloween on its website.


The Jack-O-Lanterns story is amusing, evidently this originates from a spirit called Jack who was an Irish villain that was so bad that god didn’t want him, but neither did the devil! And he wandered about looking for a place to rest with his candle in a rotting turnip. So we emulated him? I don’t get it.

Halloween is the 3rd best money spinner since Christmas and Easter, which are enough for me. Besides, how many actually celebrate these occasions for the real reasons anyway? Do you?

What do you think?

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