The Truth about Selfies – UK iPhone User Habits

//The Truth about Selfies – UK iPhone User Habits

The Truth about Selfies – UK iPhone User Habits

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I enjoyed this infographic from Three UK, so thought I would share with you their findings on UK iPhone User Habits.

I was actually shocked to see that tUK Iphone User Habitsexting is still up the in the top percentages as the most common activity on the iphone – do you still SMS?

Does anyone even call text SMS any more – I thought that was a thing of the past too, I’ve never heard anyone say SMS me later or SMS me when you get home.

If you didn’t know SMS stands for Short Message Service – which is a text messaging via phone, web or mobile communications.

 It uses standardized communications protocols to allow fixed line or mobile phone devices to exchange short text messages

Who takes more selfies? –  Men or Women?

Photos of our family are the most popular photo to take, BUT come on, really – Men take more selfies than women, I am stunned.

See the map on which area’s of the UK use which version phone!

The most popular apps using the iPhone per region is interesting ….. Where is facebook ?

69% of Londoners use their iPhones on the toilet

Doesn’t surprise me at all – as I know several people that have drowned their mobile phones in the toilet – unsure how it got down there, I didn’t like to ask.


A Snapshot Of UK’s iPhone Habits
View the iPhone 5s on Three

Do you agree with these Habits of  UK iPhone User Habits ?

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