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facebookgraphWith Facebook’s Graph Search being launched in its beta to everyone who uses Facebook in U.S English –  its always helpful to have a few Facebook Safety Tips.  People will be able to search for photos, places, and interests on Facebook, so these are the items you need to concentrate on, although Facebook said that it will be that everything eventually will be searchable . Nothing will appear in Graph Search unless you want it to, your privacy will remain intact as long as you use Facebook Correctly (So they say).   Graph search is personalised so if I searched for concerts my friends have been to, if someone checked in at say The Who concert at Wembley Arena like they did, it would appear in my search along with others of my friends that checked in at similar venues.

How do I protect my privacy in Graph Search

It all depends on how you post your statuses, photos, or posts to Facebook. Its your choice who you want to share your content with.

Posting it as the first option is Public .. (Public is just that, it will appear in a public Graph Search)

If you want to keep your posts more private then you have the following options.

facebook graph safetyYou can set it to post to only friends.

Friends except acquaintances 

Only me or Custom, you might want to just share it with a few friends or a Facebook Group.

Who can see my posts on Facebook Graph Search

On Facebook you can set the above setting to always point to one thing – such as Friends unless you change it.   You can change that and other settings in Privacy short cuts, under – Who can see my future posts.
Click The Padlock next to home on your name.


Other Facebook Safety Tips

Here in the Privacy shortcut sections – as you can see, you have lots of Facebook privacy settings that are easy to set up – if you are concerned about 1 or 2 status updates or images that you have posted already then you need to go to Use Activity Log – which will be available if you click more settings.  And on the left there it says – Use Activity Log.

If you are concerned about all of your Facebook posts – for instance you have posted them all to public without realising and now want them all set to friends only – you can do that by clicking – Limit Past Posts


You should familiarise your self with the rest of the privacy options on Facebook if you don’t know about them. It’s especially worth it if you are concerned about what will be seen in Graph search.  In this section, there are many options, like preventing tagged posts appearing on your wall or to review tags before they appear on Facebook.

You should also check your about me section, where you might want to remove any personal details such as address.

So now you have those few Facebook safety tips your privacy is somewhat protected to according to Facebook, however as we know, nothing is private on the Internet anymore.  Maybe just remember that when posting something you do not want everyone to see or know about.


Hope this helps