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What’s different about the Dating Application called Tinder?

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tinderI recently found out about the free GPS dating application called Tinder from a friend of mine (honestly)!  I’ve never used dating sites for myself, not saying that I wouldn’t, I think they are a great idea, if you can be sure its safe.

Some of the dating sites seem a bit too formal though and that’s how this one is different, it seems easier and more fun.  Although some have called it a sex satnav and said that people are using it to meet people for sex.  Which is all very well if that is what is expected but it then becomes a worry that this app is rated 12+ but that’s another blog post…

What is different about Tinder?

There are many people searching for romance, love or sex and apparently this dating application has been a winner so far, with many many downloads, matches and engagements that have happened this year, so why is it different?    Basically its FUN, its not stuffy, and doesn’t require you to fill out huge forms expressing your feelings or anything at all for that matter; you can get going straight away to find a suitable match in your area!  Using Tinder’s GPS system you can input mileage range and it will show you who is around you, that maybe you have friends in common with or the same interests or likes using the dating application, so right away you are both looking for the same thing in the same place.

With Tinder you have to sign in using Facebook, which usually I do not like in an application, I prefer to choose if I want to connect a social networking site, but in this case I think its a good idea, as it gives you some level of trust, it takes at least two pictures from your Facebook – your profile and others  which you can choose I believe. Although of course you could set up a fake Facebook account very easily and put  fake pictures on there, or you might already have this set up, there are certainly enough Fake Facebook accounts.

What I like about this application is because shows if you have the same likes or the same friends you instantly have something to talk about, and you can ask your friends about them too.  Also you are still anonymous in a way as only your first name is used, nothing is posted to Facebook, and you can adjust your profile settings.



How to use Tinder

So you’ve chosen if you are interested in boys or girls, what ages you are interested in and your radius – be it 5 miles or 50 miles whatever, then it brings up profiles of all the people in your area.  Looking through the photos to choose – you swipe through the pictures to the left or press the X until you see one you like and if you like it you press a heart, or swipe it to the right which also says that you are interested and hope that the other person presses on your heart, then you have a match it asks you if you want to chat or carry on.  If you want to read more about the person then, press the i for information,  its so simple and easy.  The good thing here is you are not told that someone has liked you until they like you too, and you have a match, so this cuts down embarrassment.  People cannot message you unless you have liked them, and if they get creepy there is a block function.

How Jackie uses Tinder

My friend, who we will call Jackie, had tried the dating application day before with a 5 mile radius and now was trying a larger range.  Addicted to how easy and fun this game was; yes it is a game Jackie told me, she was eager to show me what a laugh she was having with it.

Jackie logged in and began swiping through the pictures very fast, saying, No, no, no…too old, too fat, too bald, too skinny.  I was starting to get worried about how superficial it is.   Suddenly she called out, “Oh, that one had a friend in common.”  – “Who?” I asked, she said “Erm, I don’t know he’s gone now”  “Gone forever?” I asked.  “Looks like it”. Jackie said, without a care.  I asked her why she was swiping so fast, how can she read about the people to find out what they are like.   Jackie then explained that she wasn’t interested in reading bios, that she was scanning photos, if they look good then she might look further, but she’s not bothered about a bio, as they are usually boring and untrue and no one ever likes writing them.  I thought has the world come to this, are we that shallow that we don’t want to meet anyone unless they look HOT?   But she went on to say …  this for instance  I am Sam and I like football, going to bars and meeting people. That doesn’t tell you anything about the person, it makes him sound dull and boring, and I like to find out these things through chatting with them naturally. Just like with real life, if you like the look of someone in a club you might strike up a conversation to find out more, that’s just what happens here, it is superficial but its how life works.  She does have a point. 

All of a sudden she’s reading out a profile to me, saying, he sounds nice… “But you just said?”  “I know, but I like this one and I was intrigued.” Jackie replies thoughtfully, clicking his heart.

After swiping through many disguarded and I might say very unlucky men of which she’d managed to heart two of them, she exclaims, “Oh no, I’ve ran out of men!”   There were no more men in her chosen area, she had gone through all of them.  And right at that moment she got a notification to say that she had a match… how very exciting!

So, we are yet to see if you can meet the love of your life using this Dating Application called Tinder, or if you might just have some fun with it.  This remains to be seen.

Just remember to be SAFE if you are arranging to meet a stranger on a date for the first time – You must tell people where you are going and meet in a crowded place

This application is available on iPhone and more recently Android

Tinder Messaging UPDATE

Since I wrote this post a week ago my friend hasn’t found love or even close to it,  she has had a few chats with her matches, but mostly the men have been pretty disappointing in contacting.  Two guys were obviously looking for easy sex and one was just plain boring and the rest haven’t amounted to anything.

Messages without Matches

However the reason for the update is that my friend has been getting emails or messages I think they are,  from people that she hasn’t matched with – about 4 so far – this isn’t supposed to happen, when I asked @tinder about it – they said that she must have swiped the wrong way by mistake, when I explained that she hadn’t even had a matched notification, they didn’t reply – I tweeted them again after this happened for a 4th time but Tinder are yet to comment.

Although its no big deal – she can just block these people – it does appear that there is a bug or something is not working, as you are not supposed to be able to message people on Tinder unless you have matched.

Please let us know, if you have found this problem too.