Google updates privacy policies – worried much?

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Google announced a few days ago that they are updating their privacy policies.

They are now also sending out emails to everyone with a Google account, how much more upfront can they be and still people think they are hiding something.

The changes come into effect as from the 1st of March but already people are voicing their concerns on Facebook and Twitter.

One person said they will feel like they are being watched all the time, they said this publically on a twitter account with many followers 🙂

Google amalgamated all policies into just one privacy policy, to make it easier for everyone.

They say that they are creating one experience  – You log into Google Account and all of your accounts become one –  your Gmail – Search – You Tube and Calender.  In short, all of the information from these Google products will be shared with each other, to enable Google to understand us better and to help our searches be more accurate and target us with better ads.

I love Google – Google+, Youtube, Gmail, and everything that goes with it.

Its seems that some of us are worried that this just means that Google are keeping and storing more information about us, creating a big brother! This does not make sense to me, they already have all of this information anyway.

Google already knows all about you

You can still edit your own personal information to share whatever you wish on Google’s Dashboard – btw have you looked there recently?  You will see all of the information that Google already has about you.

If you are paranoid that Google are the bad guys, there are still ways that you can stop Google combining information from your Google account.  Such as you do not need to log in to you tube when watching videos – or you can use an incognito page when using chrome. You can even hide by deleting cookies and history.

Google say another reason for this update is because they want to make it easier to read and understand – Read Google’s terms of service and google’s privacy policy for yourself, I’m sure it will put your mind at rest.

No change could be for the worse! 

Google do stress that they do not sell our personal information or even share it without our permission, unless you are a criminal or such like.

They say that these changes will bring us better ads – which means more money for them in the long run – you can change or remove your ad preferences – and by deleting your cookies this also resets any information that they have regarding ads.

Will the information even be accurate?

I laughed actually when I went to look at the ads preferences –  they say that they infer our age and gender based on the websites that you’ve visited – mine say Age 18-24 Male – haha!  You can also remove or edit this information at any time, I’m leaving mine.

I don’t think that I have anything to hide (not much anyway) so I think it will be exciting to see if the changes have any effect on our searches.

However, if you are scared that Google is going to do nasty things with all of this information, you can hide it from them if you want, with these many settings or hide outs.

As we have to do with Facebook, adjust your settings accordingly.

Are you concerned, why?  Have I missed the point?  Let us know..

Hope this helps