Google+ says come back trolls we miss you

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Google+ says come back trolls we miss you Well okay Google+ didn’t really say come back trolls we miss you – but they have gone back on yet another rule that has been in place since Google+ first started and I joined in 2011 and that is where you had to use your real name.

Fake names can now be used on Google+

Its big news apparently because lots of people were confused about the fact they have to use real names.

Quote from the Google+ post 

We know that our names policy has been unclear, and this has led to some unnecessarily difficult experiences for some of our users.

I’m not sure how difficult that is…….. no fake names ..

It seems that the problem has arisen due to the amount of people on YouTube using usernames that were gamer names or business names or just a funky name – Youtubers have been allowed to bring those names to Google+ so how can they restrict Google plussers any more.

Also a bit misleading is that Google say

Today, we are taking the last step: there are no more restrictions on what name you can use

This might need to be reworded……. no restrictions on names at all ?  I’m sure they didn’t mean that?

Google+ says come back trolls we miss you

Its not like this rule was enforced anyway but it did keep away some of the fakers who just use the internet to troll other users behind a mask  – I know at least 5 people just off the top of my head that have never used their real name on Google+ and I’ve never seen anyone suspended for this offence.

Don’t Feed The Trolls 

There was already enough trolling on YouTube videos that you post to Google+ Haters from YouTube and people that don’t understand how Google+ works – often put snide remarks about your share.  However I guess this now will increase.  Just more people to ignore – Don’t feed the Trolls !

I wonder how many more users this will give Google+ does it mean multiple accounts for one user – does it mean that people will change from a business page to a profile page now.  I’m guessing its going to mean a lot more accounts, maybe not a lot more “users” but accounts.  Similar to Facebook and all the Cat, dog and baby accounts, one user.

Social media, Transparency, Connections

Most of us are on social media to make new connections and to meet new people, to network – and the best way to do that is to be you, be real and to be transparent, you can’t be who you are not and you shouldn’t be.  However, some people want to hide behind a mask or they want to wear a disguise, for some reason, some reasons are good and some are bad.

I’m not sure actually how many users are on google plus now, I think I last read 1.15 billion – I am circled by almost 20 thousand people, and I like Google+ very much and I’m not too keen on this change and what it might bring.  I’m hoping that all those people who call Google+ a ghost town are those that want fake names that won’t join!  HaHa!

What do you think about all of this? Good or Bad or Don’t Care?

Or do you think that Google+ says come back trolls we miss you