Google gets its own LIKE button

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Google has announced  +1 ;  it stands for this is pretty cool or check this out.  The meaning doesn’t need too much explaining as we are all used to this with the Facebook like button, and the Twitter RT.

The Google friends recommendation.

I  love recommendations, tips and advice from people I trust – that’s how all of us find the best websites, friends; things that interest us.

Remember recently I said something is coming, (I didn’t mean Jesus) and make sure you have a Google account, well maybe this is what it was, although its not quite as exciting as CIRCLES may have been, it could be very practical and functional .

+1 Video

As I understand it, you’ll need a Google Profile to use the +1 – then anyone of your connections can see your +1’s. They are stored on your Google Profile as  new tab, you can choose to keep it private or show who you like.

Google say that +1 will be on Google search, Google Ads and soon on actual websites.

This seems to be only available on right now as an experiment, so I guess has to wait, although you can still +1 if you use .com.

Edit: I just had to do this…..

To sign up for it you have to sign into google –

Go to –

Click – Join This Experiment

More info, will come when available.

Hope this helps