Google+ Can you change extended Profile ID ?

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I don’t know if you are like me but I hate numbers – I go to all lengths to avoid these numbers that they give us for personal links on various websites. So I’ve been trying to find out how to change the long number (its 21 digits!) on the Google+ Profile ID to my Google mail name.  which I thought was an option, but it has disappeared.

The short answer  is that officially at present you cannot change the extended URL; while Google plus is on “Field Trial”

When its out of trial  you should be able to do this to get your username

At the moment the “Profile URL” section isn’t even there.. so keep an eye out for it.

Here is what Natalie Villalobos – Community Manger for the Google+ project (what a great job!)  said…

Patience is a virtue


There are ways……..

1) Here’s how to get your  own name in your google+ link

Today or very recently a third party application  has been launched called where you can change your profile to shorter name –

Its not real – its just like a short link but it has gplus in it.  So for  now…..

that will do nicely.

2) Use your google profile link –  and it goes to your Google+


Hope this helps.