Google+ add verification badges to Celeb profiles

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Google plus has finally added the ability to verify your account if you are a public figure or a celebrity – in the same way that Twitter does, so that you know if you following/circling/talking the “real thing”.

All you need to do to confirm the verification is roll your mouse over the tick beside the name and you will see that is is verified like I have on Dolly Parton’s account above.

Its happened many times on Twitter, where someone has thought they are following a celebrity, word gets out and suddenly everyone is following this fake person. Sometimes it takes a while on Twitter for celebrities to get verified I don’t know if that is them not applying for it or Twitter taking a long time.  Hopefully Google won’t take too long in “rolling” verification’s out.

Wen-Ai Yu from Google shared this information last night on her G+ account they are calling them verification badges Google are only allowing this on public figures, celebrities and people who are in a large number of circles at present, but they are working on expanding this to more people, so the rest of us might be able to verify our own accounts eventually.

Google+ Update: Verification Badges for Profiles

This is a good step for Google plus, as there are always people that are going to try and pretend they are celebrities and that must be very difficult to police and annoying for fans who follow these types of people.

Hope this helps #googleplusupdates