GetPRSM – The security friendly Social Network?

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getprsmAt first glance you think GetPrsm seems to be a fabulous social networking site, the site was created by Datacoup who put together this site after NSA’s sweeping data collection program. Datacoup which was founded by Matt Hogan is itself a  free web & mobile application that empowers consumers with their own personal data.

What about this GetPrsm Social Network?

Is it a new network or what?  Let us see what GetPrsm’s features are…

The Network boasts

  • No Ad’s ever
  • Unlimited Storage
  • 320 million users (are alarm bells ringing yet?)
  • Never worry about sharing again

With a host of things you can share on line including….

Purchases – Internet Searches – Email – Blog Posts – TV shows watched – Photos Uploaded – Locations – Phone Calls – Videos Watched – Texts – Social Media – And More.

Uh huh….

Instantly upload trillions of megabytes of data.

Key Partners Include

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Apple
  • Yahoo
  • Skype
  • AOL
  • At&t

Now you get it – there is a clue in the name – PRSM.  Yes, you’d be wrong in thinking the new social networking site was actually real – it’s in fact just a parody site to promote awareness and attention to the issues on security.

When you click on the Sign up Now button

It says Un-Oh!  Looks like there is already an account associated with this device and/or user


Contact technical support.

Then when you click Contact Support

Its takes you to a blog post entitled

Massive Spying Program Exposed

Very clever … We like it ! 🙂

We have heard some rumours that someone might be making this site a reality …. stay tuned.