Where do you get your news? #scredible

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Where do you get your newsThere have been many reports out recently telling us that 30% of people get their daily news from Facebook.  I think probably the figure is much higher when you include all of the social internet.  There is no need to buy a newspaper anymore when all the news we could ever need is at our fingertips.

This got me thinking, where do you get your news?

How can you Find News

I personally use Google News which often takes me to the  BBC website and a few others for specific news – or if I’m mobile I’ve recently stuck to Flipboard which is set up to give me all of the news on subjects that I require, and what I like about Flipboard is that you can also Pocket articles to read later, from anywhere, and share to all of your networks.

On the PC I do use many different programs like StumbleUpon, Scoop it, Reddit and the list goes on but recently I was asked to join a beta for Scredible and I am really enjoying using that.

Elevate the Conversation

Scredible was founded by Thomas and Penny Power OBE 🙂 and Tech founder Colin Mudd.  It is a software tool that is designed to help professionals become socially credible by elevating their conversation online.

Scredible is easy to set up, adding your profile and your networks etc –  but there is so much in it, if you don’t actually read the help section you have no idea what you are playing with here.  Yes, this happened to me, I was merry using the READ section (getting my news) of the software when I thought – oh darn I wish it could do this –  and on further investigation it actually could but what I wanted but it was in a different section.  So I’m not even going to be able to cover everything here, but I’ve heard there will be how to videos coming up that will probably help further. Although the help section within the software is very useful if you actually read it 🙂

Scredible features


Read allows you to choose the subjects that you want to read about using some keywords and magic – then matches those to find you relevant stories that you will want to read and share.  Some similar types of software do not seem to show you all that you want to read, bringing up some crazy items but this matching system works very well for me, bringing me everything that I want to read about.

If you click READ you will see at the top of the page on the left 5 icons /buttons

Date and Relevance  – You can have these stories set out by Date or Relevance – and you can have it set out by list or grid, I like the grid because then you get to see an images, its much more pleasing to the eye – although I would imagine that list might be quicker to sort through.

Media List – Here you can add sites that are important to you – and it will bring up latest posts in  your feed.

Bookmarked – this is where you will find things that you have bookmarked for later

Feedback – A box appears for you to put any feedback you have.

where do you read the news

Here comes the magic part

On each story you have the choice to click and read a short Summary – which is pretty useful if you are just really looking for some great content to share.  From the summary you can Share / Bookmark or visit the actual site to read the whole post.

Or you can directly bookmark for later or email the article.

QuickShare – Quick share is exactly what it says – with one click you can share to – Facebook (a page or a profile) / Twitter  and Linkedin – although you can add your Google+ account sharing isn’t available during beta but I’m told that that and possible other networks will be added to sharing.     I did have one problem with this because you have to set it up with just one page or just one Facebook profile – so you can’t quickly suddenly decide that you want to send this item to your page rather than your profile, you have to either go in and change the settings (which doesn’t take long to be fair) or create another profile, which is a great feature!  If you have clients you can create their own profile with all of their accounts without having to log in and out again, you just switch.    Anyway, I am hoping the Facebook options will change later 🙂

Also if you use QuickShare please note that there is no text title or summary place Facebook or LinkedIn this is just the post being shared.

However – and this is what I couldn’t find at first you need to click on the actual article itself this will take you to a different page with the complete post opened so that you can read the whole thing but now as well as all the other options that you have previously you also have

Create/Edit Post

When you click this, it brings up a box with the title – you can leave this – and share to Twitter or for Facebook and LinkedIn you can type in this box whatever you want, comments that you wish to share or some text from the post.  If there are too many characters for LinkedIn then it will warn you that the text will be shortened to fit!  You can also schedule these posts to send at a later date.



You see, I told you there was so much in this app that I’ve only just covered one part and already for me its getting to be a very long post, so briefly I will tell you the rest.


At the top of this page you will see 5 icons /buttons – Drafts/Posted/Scheduled/Create new post/Edit Page Notes.

Drafts – Posts that you have save for later
Posted – Posts that you have sent to your networks
Scheduled – Your scheduled posts
Create New Post – Here you can post your thoughts with no story attached, but you can’t add graphics or videos yet, but this is coming.
Feedback – and another place to leave feed back.


Here you can see exactly how your posts have been received – if you have had any Shares-Comments-Clicks or Likes – and you can engage directly from the app if someone has engaged on a post.  And these bubbles will actually turn pink if someone new engages with you.  Your post also gets scored here so you can see which posts are valued on your networks!

So, I think I will leave it there, I would suggest trying it for yourself – its available in Beta – go to – –    I wouldn’t imagine this once it goes live is going to be free, I think its part of a bigger picture but I am hoping to be able to keep using Scredible now.

Nice one, Team Powers 🙂

So that’s where I get my news, tell me, where do you get your news?