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get more views to your blogDo you want to get more views to your blog?  Yes of course we all do.  Its demoralizing when you’ve poured your heart and soul into a blog post and nobody reads it. Its not fairydust, you do have to put the work in, but if you are prepared to do that, then I can tell you a very easy way to get more views to your blog. If you have a blog and you don’t know about Triberr yet, now is the time to learn. Triberr can be a great asset to your social media strategy.

What is Triberr

Triberr is a blog amplification website created by Dino Dogan and Dan Cristo in I think 2011 – I’ve been with Triberr from the beginning and love the guys who have worked very hard to get the site to what it is today and are continually improving it, whats more if you ever have a problem they are quick to jump on board and sort it out for you, their presence to their users has been part of their on going success in my view.

  • Triberr is a community of bloggers
  • Triberr is a place to read new blogs
  • Triberr is about supporting other bloggers
  • Triberr is about reciprocal sharing
  • Triberr is awesome (snuck that in there)
  • Triberr isn’t a secret community – anyone can join
  • Triberr is a great way to meet new people and to gain more followers


Get more views to your blog using your Tribes

Triberr connects bloggers of similar niches within Tribes (a group of bloggers) If you are a Music blogger for instance you will search on Triberr for Music tribes. You join or “follow” that tribe and then you request to be a member of that tribe.  Some topics are hard to find, others like Social Media tribes are plentiful but you can also create your own tribe and invite people to that, if you cannot find one suitable.

When you are following the tribe you go to your stream and this allows you to share the members (tribemates) posts.  Not until you are a member will those bloggers share your own blogs or articles.

Your stream

get more views to your blog

You do not have to share all of the posts that appear in your stream but it is better if you can because reciprocal sharing is seen as trust, and the more active you are , the more others will feel inclined to share your own blog posts.

In settings on your profile, you can control how often approved posts go out on your social networks, you’ll need to check this right away so that you are posting at the frequency that your require. Then all you need to do each day or for upto 100 posts is to click or hover over the SHARE button, when you have decided if you want to share. You can read the whole post, comment on it, or just share it from what you can read in the excerpt.

In your stream you can hover over the bloggers name to see if they have shared your posts, but I’m not certain these figures are correct. The stats you can see that I believe are correct is how many posts they have shared, and how many posts that they have written and posted to Triberr. You can also hover over your own name and see what your own stats are.

As you can see from my stats I’ve shared 76 posts this week and posted one myself.

get more views to your blog


There are also other stats you can get if you go to your own profile – you can see who has shared your post and how many are you are awaiting to share. This also show how many clicks that you have gained from those people sharing.

So to recap….

How to get started on Triberr

Go to

You can sign up using an email, or your Twitter account, which I find easiest as then you are already part completed filling out your profile,

Complete your profile, making sure your website has been added, and that you have added the RSS feed if need be, which is where Triberr collects your posts. – or there is a plugin that you can use to import your blogs to Triberr.

You can also add Facebook and Linkedin if you also want to share to those social networks.  And you can add more than one website, if you assign them to different tribes.

You then search for Tribes of your niche, or you can click Bonfires at the top which are community discussions where people might be asking for tribes of a certain sort, or you might want to ask any questions here.

I wrote a short How to use Triberr on my Techieminx blog a few years ago but it might help if you are still confused although it is quite different now.

If you have any problems at all please give me a shout on @michelledh and I will help you with Triberr and to get more views to your blog!