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What is an achievement based social portfolio builder?

Geeklist, which is in private beta was founded by Christian Sanz and Reuben Katz in San Francisco, for developers to showcase their work so companies could find them easily.

Now there are all sorts of geeks and techies on there 🙂

What is geeklist

You sign up for an account and fill in your profile as you would normally.

On your menu bar you have

Home – takes you to your discovery feed – here you can see

  • All
  • Yours
  • Micros
  • Cards
  • Contributes
  • ^5’s
  • Follows
Micro –  is sort of like your status update – although messages, publishing cards or any actives also show up as micros
Card – This is where you create your achievement cards – more about how to do that later.
Settings – Users preferences

Profile – goes to your profile.

The first thing I did – is search for fellow geeks, friends, or others

How to create a geeklist card.

This is the important part – here you would put an achievement, something that you do or  something that you wish to tell people about you.  You can also put a link and add users to the card, if they were involved or you want them to see it.

1) Put your headline  – I put “What is Geeklist by Techieminx”

2) Go to Details

3) Enter a task – I chose – “wrote a blog post”

4) Using – I chose -” WordPress”

5) With – click this if you want to add a user – which you can search for

6) Scroll up to Link and put the link

7) Click share – share on facebook or twitter – and it goes on to geeklist which will then appear in the discovery feed but can also be searched for.

On your card you are shown how many views its have and people can also high five it.

Sending another Geeklist user a message

You go to their profile and click MSG – you type the message and this will appear on Twitter and on Geeklist

How to ping another users on Geeklist

Click ping on the users profile – choose an option – send tweet.

On your Discovery Feed Page there are also a few trending topics to look out for

  • Trending Users
  • Trending searches
  • Featured companies
  • Trending code pages
  • Trending Cards

So, that was a brief look at Geeklist – it seems a cross between Facebook and Linkedin – but quite different infact.  I believe that it could be very useful for finding people for jobs, to ask advice or just to share your experiences.

Have you tried yet?  What did you think?


Hope this helps