Funny iOS game Man or Goat

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Funny iOs game Man or Goat I discovered this seriously crazy and funny iOs game Man or Goat on Twitter which is in Beta testing right now and I had to try it out.

I’m not sure if it was a Dev asking for testers for a chaotic farce of a game out that tempted me or the video I saw, which showed that it was absolutely crazy.

Man or Goat for iOS has been created by Gareth of Newtquest Games – who started this venture in May 2003 – its taken him almost 2 years to get this game finished.  When you know the full story – which adds to the fun, you will understand why.

 Funny iOS game Man or Goat

Man or Goat sounds like a simple game for your mobile at first – you just have to decide if the sounds you hear are a man or a goat.   Simple – no, its not.  Strangely enough, goats don’t just bleat, they make some very strange noises indeed.  Gareth’s extensive research on Goat noises made him realise that there are 25 categories of noises!

Funny iOs game Man or Goat

The Making of Man or Goat

I find it hilarious that Gareth trundled around garden centres, farms, country shows and other places you might find goats, recording goat sounds.  At first he tried to do this by sneaking around with a hidden microphone, getting some very strange looks.  Soon however he found honesty to be the best policy and he told people why he was recording the goat sounds and they were pretty helpful. Which led him to being a confident goat recorder with many goat keeping friends – achievement unlocked!

So, that was the real goat sounds, and then Gareth recorded 3000 goat sounds himself – really, himself!  He recorded these goat impressions in his car in car parks of supermarkets, also realising that the background sounds would be different to the noisy ones from farms and shows, he had to add sound background noises to some.   This is what is really funny to me, imagine you are trying to decide, wow is that a goat or Gareth – you can’t decide, so you go for Goat, and it was Gareth or vice versa – cracks me up when you think either wow a goat made that noise or – haha Gareth made that noise.

Watch this – if this makes you laugh, you are going to love this game!  If this doesn’t make you laugh you are in the wrong place! 🙂

Man or Goat iOS Game

So, you have the basic knowledge of what the game is now – Listen to Goat noises and decide if they are real or a man pretending to be a goat, you’ll love it believe me!

Even with all that is in this game the levels, game modes and features  which are unlockable through gameplay (or in-app purchases) – and all the work that has gone into creating it.  The Man or Goat iOS game is Free! ….

Some features :

  • 972 goat noises. Some man some goat.
  • Lots of game modes including some really hard ones requiring speedy goat noise deduction.
  • Probably the largest curated collection of goat noises in the world.
  • Game Center leaderboards and achievements.
  • And 972 unique goat graphics

You start off with Classic Mode

You then have loads of levels, which you need to get enough points to move on to the next one.  You get awarded stars and points on your accuracy or speed – 3 stars meaning you got 100%

There are nine levels .. so far I have unlocked.

  • Field of Goats
  • Pull my Horns
  • Just Bleat it

Funny iOs game Man or Goat Funny iOs game Man or Goat



There are different Game modes – such as one where  you have to fill a bucket with goat poo in 30 seconds – yes its very weird – and the sounds are just disgusting haha!

There is also Hero Level – which you have to work really fast, and not get any wrong – I am yet to get past level 1.

There is much gamification in this game with the leaderboards, stats, and many different achievements to collect – which makes the game very addictive.  As you can see from my leaderboard I am a Master now – I really want to be a Goat Whisperer soon!

Funny iOs game Man or Goat

Funny iOs game Man or Goat


WARNING – Do not play this game on public transport, you could try if you have headphones but be warned of getting funny looks when you cannot stop laughing.

Check out this video where you can see the game play in action

Man or Goat should be available within the next, week maybe two – I’ll keep you updated.  In the meantime – Gareth is still looking for testers, check out this forum post at Toucharcade

Follow him on Twitter @newtquestgamesFacebook and the website – Man or Goat.

If you can help get the word out even better, but I have a feeling there are going to be many people talking about this game.