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I love Orange, and my favourites, Orange Mobile have a new Contacts Back up service so you never again need to worry about losing your phone numbers, and its free. PHEW!

Never again will you say, I’ve lost all of my numbers, or on Facebook post as status that says Can everyone inbox me your numbers I have a new phone; as Orange stores your contacts for you, so they are always there, even if you

  • have your phone stolen
  • lose your phone
  • a monster eats your phone
  • drop your phone in the toilet
  • damage your phone
  • change your phone
  • lose contacts due to itunes restore! Contacts Backup:  numbers in a life ring

You can even sign up on line to view your contacts!  Just to check 🙂

Its not available on ALL phones yet but they are adding more each day.  It is available to the Apple iPhone you just download the Contacts back up application from itunes – sign up- and save your contacts and its done.

Instructions from the website

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Follow these simple steps.

1. Make sure your phone is compatible
Check to see if Contacts Backup will work with your phone.  You can do this from the website like above. (We’re adding new phones all the time so if your phone isn’t listed yet please check back again soon).

2. Copy any numbers stored on your SIM to your phone memory.
Contacts Backup only backs up the numbers stored on your phone memory, not your SIM. Your phone user guide will show you how to copy from SIM to phone (it’s usually in the phonebook or contacts area of your phone’s menu). The instructions for some of the most popular phones can be found on our help channel. Click on “How do I copy my contacts from SIM to phonebook?” to get instructions.
If you don’t have any contacts on your SIM, go to step 3.

3. Check if Contacts Backup is already installed
Some phones already have Contacts Backup on their menu. If yours does, choose ‘Contacts Backup installed’ option below. Choose the other option if it doesn’t, or if you’re not sure.

If you are sure, then back up – if not ……

1. Text ‘backup’ to 247
When you text ‘backup’ to 247, we’ll text you back within a few minutes. Open the message and select the link to Orange World.

2. Orange World: download app or send settings
At Orange World you’ll be told if your phone is compatible with Contacts Backup.

If it is (not all phones are although more are being added all the time), the onscreen instructions will ask you to download the Contacts Backup application or have some settings texted to your phone.

3. Run backup
Follow the instructions carefully to run a backup or – if your phone is a bit older – ‘synchronise’

Your phone will start securely backing up your numbers to the Orange website. It could take a couple of minutes.

4. You’re back in contact!
Once they’ve all been backed up, we’ll text you to let you know. That’s it… Job done!

Want to see your contacts?
To view or edit your contacts online, sign in to or register your Contacts Backup account here.

Stuck or need help?
Have a look at our frequently asked questions.

Its all on the website really but if you are iPhone lazy like me, just download the app, you’ll suss it out. 🙂

Hope this helps.