follr a digital identity website

Follr a digital identity website

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downloadFounders Stephen Fells and Mark Wayman call Follr a digital identity website.  Follr is a personally branded website that can be used as your initial point of contact, like you would use a business card but digitally.  Follr suggest that they solve the problem of our ever changing social identities getting lost and fragmented by storing all of our content and professional or personal information, ie our digital identity.

So, I signed up for a free trial of follr in October to test and see what it was all about, I set up my profile, added my links, followed/friended a couple of people – its seemed great, but at the time work was really busy and it was put on the back burner.  In that time, it went very quite and I thought there would be a big buzz about it, reminding me to go there but Mark Wayman told me they were getting things to perfection before shouting, I think it now time to shout! This network is cool!

What are the features of Follr

News Feed – The same as Facebook or Twitter – with a status update section, where you can post to follr or 3 social networks. Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin – not sure why not the rest or at least Google+

Private Messages

Profile – You can add a very comprehensive profile here – the usual details but then a large Summary and Biography I’m not sure how many words as I didn’t get to the limit – you can fill these in or you can just merge with your LinkedIn account and they take the information from there. You can added your resume or again just take it from Linkedin.

Settings – Check out the settings page as there are few things you can change here such as your META information.

Home – On your home page will be your profile and messages from your social media networks.

Social and Links – Add your social media networks and all of your links.

Themes – Your Theme can be changed, in colour, font and box size.

Documents – Add Photos Videos and Documents

Tags – You can add tags about yourself so that If someone is looking for an accountant, a website designer or plumber they can search for that tag and see a list of people or businesses listed in order of highest Follr score.

Follr Score – The follr score comes from your Links, Tags, Connections, Networks and Vouches – seems to be a very accurate way of working out your score, but you need to remember to fill everything in.

Vouches – Just like LinkedIn and other sites people can vouch for your skills.

My Story – Tell the story of your life — birth, travel, relationships, homes and life changing memories!  –  Mine just includes work and schooling at the moment that is taken from LinkedIn.

Events – Maximize your events – Set up Event Details – Send Email invites. Manages these events and attendees right from the site.

Connections – There are many ways to find and add connections.

Statistics – Whose visited your profile – clicks and downloads

Just today Follr launched a rewards program – so that if you invite someone to Follr using your special link and they want to upgrade to the the pro-version you get rewarded earning credits that can be applied to a professional upgrade or a custom domain name. My link is

From the rewards program pages you can Tweet, Facebook, Google+ or post on LinkedIn directly a generated message like… 

I use to manage my reputation. Free to use or save 50% on Follr Pro with my link – via @follr

Still unsure what this means? – Follr a digital identity website

The point in follr is that we can create and collect our own digital identity from the data that is already spread around the internet about us. We use so many different social media networks, websites and platforms because not one does everything we like or has the niche following that we need, people are segemented, spread around as is our identity thats why we now need follr a digital identity website.

Check it out – add me and if you do please do vouch for me.