Find the difference – iphone/itouch app.

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Game Review
I just have to tell you about this new iphone application by @Zaam – its called
Find The Difference.
You know the sort of thing, you have two almost identical pictures in which you touch the screen where the difference is.  As soon as I started playing I was addicted, as you have to keep trying until you complete the level or round and some of them are quite challenging.


Easy – which isn’t timed, so its good to start with this to get used to it.
Medium – which you have 60 seconds to find 4 differences.
Hard – you have to be quick here, and find 5 differences in 30 seconds.
The faster you find the differences, the better score you get, x2 x3 x4 or x5 the score.
There is only one thing that might make it better, penaltys –  if you guess incorrectly as you could just cheat and keep hitting the screen, but what would be the point in that, the fun is in the playing and it is fantastic fun.

There are also achievements to be unlocked, which is an excellent touch to the game, as I don’t think similar games have this feature. Here are mine so far, I intend on getting the rest!

All in all its a great game with beautiful photos and what’s more its free! 
Today I downloaded an upgrade Level Pack with 30 new pictures, and that was only 59p well worth it!  There is a second Level Pack being put together right now! 
Get it for free ….here  and let me know what you think.