Fake FBI messages circulating – Contains Malware.

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We first saw this exact e-mail years ago from the FBI or CIA saying that they have logged your IP address on 40 illegal Websites, and it seems to be back in force again.

It used to contain a virus called Sober, but now it seems to contain malware in the style of a zip file that pretends its a virus to get at your credit card details. The hackers are just trying to scare (scare-ware) you into opening the file.

The Spam email looks like this.

.gov email address usually with lots of numbers….

Subject: You visit illegal websites
Message: We  have logged your IP Adress on more than 40 illegal websites
Please answer our questions on the form attached.
Attachment: document.zip

The FBI are often having their name used in cyber attacks  via email scams – malware attacks and even telephone scams.

There is another one also doing the rounds at the moment regarding  Osama bin Laden, claiming it contains photos or videos of course it doesn’t; it probably contains a virus or malicious software likely to take over your computer, and steal personal data.

This is not only as email but might be seen on Facebook as a post – Don’t click it!

If you EVER see any pop ups on your screen saying “you have a virus, we can get rid of it, just pay now”. Do not click, certainly don’t pay – if you are worried run your own anti-virus to see if you have any unwanted evils.

If you receive one of these emails, delete it –  don’t click on the links and all will be fine.

Hope this helps

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