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October 2019

New Facebook changes bad for business pages

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There is nothing official from Facebook yet, but Matt Navarra, who seems to be in the know announced yesterday on Twitter that it could be that the New Facebook changes will be bad for business [...]

Alexa is listening – How to delete Amazon voice recordings

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How to delete Amazon voice recordings, why would you need to do that? Well, if you have an Amazon device such as Amazon Echo, Amazon Echo Dot  Amazon Echo Plus  Amazon Echo Spot  Echo Show 8 [...]

August 2019

Hashtag Manager from Buffer will help with Shadowbans

By |August 8th, 2019|Categories: Social Media|Tags: , |

Do you have trouble remembering all of the different hashtags you want to use for yourself or clients, well you are going to love Hashtag Manager from Buffer! We all know that on social media, [...]

July 2019

Google has a new Social Network Called Shoelace

By |July 14th, 2019|Categories: Social Media|Tags: |

When I heard the news that Google has a new Social Network Called Shoelace, I was very excited!  Obviously as working as a Social media manager and Community manager, I love community building and I love [...]

June 2019

22 Whatsapp Expert Tips and Sneaky Tricks

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Whatsapp tips and tricks for group chats mainly but some of these will be applicable for normal chats too. Following the success of our last post about Whatsapp tips and tricks and everyone saying they [...]