Facebooks Other Inbox You Might Not Know About

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Facebooks other inboxA friend recently brought it to my attention that people do not know about Facebooks Other Inbox  Your “Other” folder contains messages that Facebook has filtered out of your normal inbox and some of these messages might be messages that you did want to read.  You can change the settings on this to be less strict, read on to find out how.

Facebooks Other Inbox

The Facebooks Other inbox is a mailbox that you have in your message box – its just hidden away so that you are not bothered by certain messages –  you can view these messages at anytime by

  1. Clicking Messages on your Facebook page or profile
  2. Click Other – This is greyed out next to INBOX

facebooks other inbox

Now, if you click Other you can see all of these “missing” messages – people have said that they have found important messages in here that they did want to see – so its good to check these now and then.

The other inbox is to protect you from spammers but now and then a message might get through that isn’t spam for another reason, such as the person isn’t your friend on Facebook.  For instance, I recently had a message from someone that I had asked to friend me that wrote to say – sorry but they are at their limit for friends and could we connect elsewhere.

When you click on a message in Facebooks Other Inbox you might not see the actual message but a message from Facebook saying

This message has been temporarily removed until we can verify the sender’s account. 

You can reply to any of the messages you like in the Other inbox and it will then be put into your normal Facebook INBOX.

Or you can just open the message and select – Move to INBOX from the Actions menu.

How to change your preferences for Facebooks Other Inbox

There are only two options Basic Filtering will show you more as it will put messages from friends or people you MAY know.  If you tend to get a lot of Spam you can put it on Strict Filtering.

  1. Click Messages
  2. Click Other
  3. Click Edit Preferences
  4. Select Basic or Strict Filtering
  5. Click Save

Facebooks other inbox


But whatever you set it to you can always go into your Facebooks Other Inbox at anytime to check to see if a message was put there by mistake.

As well as your Other Inbox there is also another place that Facebook puts spam – you can see this by clicking MORE on the top right of your mailbox.

Here you will see Unread Message – Archived Messages and Spam Messages.

Mine mostly contain messages that just say HI – or Hi you are beautiful and I want to marry you – so yes they can now be deleted.

Now you know about Facebooks Other Inbox you will never have a message go missing again – and just how much spam that Facebook does protect you from.