Facebook’s ‘new’ messaging system.

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What it means in brief.

Seamless Integration.
1. Seamless messaging  – integrated: Facebook chat, email, IM and SMS- “mix and match”, just one click to decide how you will send or reply to any format of message. 
2. Conversation history – Not entirely a new idea but again, integrated. Keeping all of your conversation streams together.
3. Social inbox  – containing 3 boxes
Messages (from your important contacts)  
Other (from not so important contacts)  and
Spam – (Thats for spam)  you can decide who fits where and filter it as you  like.

It’s not email but it is email.  Says Mark Zuckerberg.

The (not) email address will be @facebook.com
This is starting today but ….. its invite only – (not again) and might take a few months to be open to all, yes, a few months! 
“The idea is people should share however they want to share”.  Mark Zuckerberg.
It seems that it is just how we’d started to use to use Google with Gmail, Gchat, Wave, and Buzz all connected but sadly Wave, waved goodbye, due to not much of a response.  More here.
Somehow I think this will take off big time with Facebook’s advertising interest and the amount of users that Facebook already have. 

Any questions you might have, should be answered here – Facebook Help