Facebook Working on New Features such as "Clear History"

Facebook Working on New Features such as Clear History

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On Tuesday at Facebook annual f8 developer conference Mark Zuckerberg informed us of a few new things that they are working on or are implementing – one of which was the news Facebook Working on New Features such as Clear History.

This is a great idea, just like how on your browser – ie Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge etc, you can go in to your settings and clear your history of all of the sites you have looked at, apps you have interacted with, everything you have clicked on or clear the cookies from those sites. Facebook is going to have the same thing…!

We hadn’t written about Facebook since our post on how to download your Facebook data.   After Facebook’s privacy practices were put under investigation, but now we have some action!

Facebook Working on New Features such as Clear History

So with Facebooks new Clear History option, you will just be able to click a button to clear all of that information – Cookies and History from your account, you will also be able to just turn it off so that it never stores any of this information going forward.

What are Cookies

When you visit a site a cookie is downloaded on to your PC – so that the next time you go there the site knows you have been before. Some cookies record how long you were on the site, what you clicked, what you’ve stored in your shopping cart.   It might sound worrying but it helps the website load quicker or keep information that we might not want to keep entering in everytime we visit it.

You can always delete these cookies on your browser, or get them to delete everytime you close your browser and sites now ask you if its okay to store them on your computer.

Facebook Cookies

Facebook cookies are stored to verify your account to determine when you are logged in to you don’t have to keep logging in to Facebook.  To see where you are logging in from, for security in case someone is trying to take over your account. To help fight spam and phishing attacks to detect the dangerous or infected computers.  And for advertising, to show you more but also to stop you being shown too many. Cookies store your preferences, what you interacted with and to allow you to switch easily between pages and profiles.

So its good that Facebook Working on New Features such as “Clear History” – But that’s not all they are bringing out soon.

He said that while they are doing this they are also trying to bring people together in new ways.

Facebook have also introduced Watch Party

Watch Party lets you watch a video in a chat with your friends.

Watch party allows group admins to pick any public prerecorded video on Facebook and show it to their members at the same time, for a shared experience. Apparently, this is what Mark Zuckerberg’s friends did with his congress videos.

Facebook Working on New Features such as Clear History

Co watching videos isn’t really anything new – we’ve been doing it on Twitch for some time.  It seems that Facebook are really trying to grow engagement and interaction on their site.

Watch party is rolling out to groups now.

To see if you have Watch party.

Open your page click on start a new post and you will see the “Watch Party” option under the box. Where the other options to add a photo, tag friends etc is. If you have it it will be there with the popcorn icon.

Facebook "Clear History"

You first have to click that and create an update telling people you are going to be hosting a Watch Party. Then you can add the videos you are going to be watching.

You can also just add certain members of the group to watch with you.

Facebook Working on New Features such as Clear History

Facebook also announced a new dating feature.

Dating will be rolling out soon.  Mark Zuckerberg said that it’s about proper relationships not hookups -(like Tinder). Only people that have signed up will see your profile which will be totally optional. They know that everyone is concerned about privacy and safety so they have had this in mind since they started creating it.  Your friends aren’t going to see your profile. It will only suggest people who are not your friends, who have opted into dating and have your preferences.

So lots of things coming soon – we like that Facebook Working on New Features such as Clear History the best!