Facebook Profile Viewer Scam – Who is looking at your timeline?

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Can you see who is looking at your facebook profile

I last wrote about this scam 2 years ago, or a scam just like it – as the above link shows – and still we have not learned our lesson. We are still clicking and sharing these applications.  Who is watching your Profile, who are my Facebook profile visitors, who is looking at your timeline. Someone suggested we are curious, I think we are paranoid. Is my ex looking at what I am saying on Facebook? Does that boy I fancy know I stalk him on facebook? HA, not me!   You know you can block people or set your profile up so that not everyone can view it or even find it.

Facebook Profile Viewer Scam

This latest one appears to be an app called Facebook Profile Viewers, which was shared by a “friend” on Facebook to 45 people that I can see. If he did that on purpose I can only assume that he thought it was real – but I would probably put money on it that he has allowed the application into his account giving it permission to share with all of his Facebook friends.  This is getting very common now, where we have to allow these apps or services permissions we sometimes do it without thinking, click, click – done. ARGH!

I’ve no idea what sort of scam this is probably phishing scam, identity theft or virus, as I’ve not clicked it, and I don’t care – I just know that its not good – its bad!

Okay, yes I agree Facebook aren’t the greatest people for protecting our security, but it would very naughty of them if this application could even possibly be true, because they say this, on Facebook Help

Can people tell that I’ve looked at their timeline? 

No, Facebook does not provide a functionality that enable people to track who is viewing their timeline. Third party applications also cannot provide this functionality. if you come across an application that claims to offer this ability, we encourage you to report it.

who is looking at your timeline

Can I know who is looking at my timeline or how often its being viewed? 

No, Facebook does not provide a functionality that enables you to track who is view your timeline or parts of your timeline, such as photos.

Security Tips –  What you can do to keep your account safe  – Check number 7 – Think before you click or download anything, same here goes for Twitter – You can’t see who is looking at your Twitter profile either.

If you have been caught out by these scammers, hackers or whatever name you like to give them.

Reset your Password.

You can reset your password on the log in page – click – forgot your password.

If you are already logged in

  • Click Home
  • Account settings
  • Edit Password.

Try to choose a password that is a mixture of numbers and letters and punctuation marks.

Hope this helps