Facebook video scam puts convincing personal message on your wall

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More scams ….

I got this today – on my Facebook wall – shared by one of my friends, you might think it is authentic as it had my name in it.

It shows the link as a blogspot address which if you look at it – doesn’t look too real – UYTUTIUYUIUIOU looks like someone had a heart attack at the keyboard.

There is usually a telltale sign that says its a fake share – that is it on this one, apart from the fact it has a possible explicit picture beside the message.  There was another similar one recently with a different picture.

Hey Michelle u wont believe!  I dare you to watch this

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I checked others that were shared and they had different messages but all with a personal touch.

Amazing! dave check the sad post I dare you can watch this .
Hey! kevin u wont believe! I dare you can watch this .

And so on …..

Obviously this is a scam, but a bit of a clever one – it tricks you into thinking that your friend has actually seen this video by using your name.  And it first makes you share the “video” before you’ve even seen it.   There is no video – but eventually a survey scam for you to fill out so that you pay the scammers.

Don’t be fooled into clicking this link ……

I think the fact that you shared this to all of your friends is enough fun for the scammers and there probably isn’t any actual hacking going on but as always I suggest…

As precaution check your allowed applications.

Go to your Privacy Settings,  Apps and Websites – Edit Settings – Apps you use – and check which apps that you have allowed.

Also change your password.

Hope this helps