Facebook Scam – INCREDIBLE This girl is rapped in the school buss

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This is just gross! (the idea of it, not the video, as there isn’t one)

This scam is exactly the same as the last one I posted about, girl leaves her cam on – why anyone would click this link is beyond me.  Although the picture is of a naked woman maybe people assume its just porn, however it does warn you of disturbing content.

Seen on Facebook today

I’m not sure if its spelt wrong on purpose – trying to do teen speak – or if its the bad spellers from the last few similar scams.

Obviously you know by now you aren’t going to see a video – you will be asked if you are over 13 to play the video and then you will post the message above to all of your facebook friends so they can see that you liked this!

Survey Scam

Then it will load up a survey scam …. this is the reason for the scam, they scammers want you to complete the survey because this is how they get paid.

Do not to the survey, even just for a laugh, and certainly don’t download anything it asks you too, as this will be a virus or malware.

What to do if you did click this scam video…

remove the posts – and tell your friends it is fake – scan you computer if you did the survey.

Report the link!

One day people will learn and stop clicking these things.

In the meantime – hope this helps 🙂