Facebook Private Messages appearing on Timeline isn’t Privacy Bug

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TechCrunch alerted readers that private messages were appearing on Timeline as posted by friends.  

I think people might actually be getting paranoid about Facebook privacy now. I must say I’ve never trusted it either.  So is it a hoax or not?

Today we read a post created by Techcrunch – They said that private messages were appearing on your timeline, they said it didn’t seem worldwide, it appeared so far to be only in France. The messages appeared in a box that said friends posted to your wall.

I was half convinced that this was an isolated case but I headed over to my wall – timeline to check, and I noticed 2 posts that could have been private messages – I thought, Wow its true, this is bad – and I continued on to see if I could find any more – but I couldn’t.  I did indeed find the box they mentioned for the year 2009 with about 200 wall messages from friends, but they were not private messages, mostly birthday wishes. These have always been visible on your Facebook wall.

However, it was most strange as people were still angry, and saying that they definitely have old private messages on their timeline for everyone too see.

Then we saw a post from the BBC saying that the Facebook private message rumour is false. Although the report was sketchy and refered to its supplier of information as “The Source”

A short while after TechCrunch updated their own website and took it all back……

Facebook confirms no private messages appearing on timeline. 

Facebook also says in no uncertain terms that there is absolutely no privacy bug. What people are seeing are old Wall postings, not private messages. A spokesperson told Constine:

“Every report we’ve seen, we’ve gone back and checked. We haven’t seen one report that’s been confirmed

[of a private message being exposed]. A lot of the confusion is because before 2009 there were no likes and no comments on wall posts. People went back and forth with wall posts instead of having a conversation [in the comments of single wall post.]“

Facebook also told Constine there are technical barriers that prevent private messages from appearing as wall posts. “The two systems are totally separate.”

So its not exactly a hoax it seems that, someone just got it wrong. Although I am seeing people still convinced they have seen messages on their own Timeline that were private messages, and they think that Facebook is lying.

Apparently, the posts look odd because we didn’t used to have “comments” posts would just go back and forth on a persons wall. So this is where people were getting confused.

Do you think you are confused, or are you certain that Private messages are / were on your wall, I’d love to hear.

How to hide these supposed private Facebook messages

If you are worried – Go to your timeline – click on the year at the side, you will see a box Post of friends

  1. Hover over the box and click 
  2. Click Hide from Timeline
Or if you did hide them and now want to unhide these posts. 

How to unhide facebook posts.

Go to your activity log – which is just under your cover picture next to update info

This is everything in your timeline but only you can see it all. On the right at the top you see a button – ALL

Click this and then HIDDEN – you will then see all the posts you have hidden – click the circle at the end of the line and then allowed on time line.

Evidently Facebook say its just not possible, in the same way that Twitter says that its not possible for anyone too see who is looking at your Twitter profile page.

With the privacy claims Facebook have been involved with, would they be stupid enough to allow this to happen?

Let us know what you think.