Facebook launches Video calling, how to add it to your account.

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Today Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook announced the launch of Skype Video calling and Group chat for Facebook, we knew it was coming and now it is here.    I wonder if this was brought forward due to the launch of Google’s Google+. We were hoping for a Steve Jobs of Apple style announcement adding something we didn’t know about but it didn’t happen, Facebook thought this was breaking news enough.

The video calling application will connect two users “in two easy steps” – unlike Google+ ‘s hangout where you can click one button and have up to 10 people in one video chat but thats another story.

Here is how to install video chat to your facebook profile…

  • Make sure you are logged in to Facebook
  • Go to link – http://www.facebook.com/videocalling/
  • Follow set up
  • Invite to chat – click the Video Icon
  • Hopefully they will then download the application if not done so already then you can chat.

Hope this helps.