Facebook Closing?! How to back up Facebook.

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Due to a now viral message, everyone now believes that Facebook is closing down on 15th March? LOL Oh really?

They’ve just got $500 million investment from Goldman Sachs and Digital Sky Technologies but that’s not important right now,  apparently its all too much for Mark Zuckerberg and he’s closing down.

Its not a funfair at Hastings that hasn’t been running well for 3 years… its not a Chip~Shop that started selling soggy chips… its not something that Yahoo got bored with… its FACEBOOK!

Its all over the internet now, and of course its just…..
a horrible hoax,
a joke,
a set of Chinese whispers,
a ridiculous rumour.

This “joke” was apparently started at Weekly world News, who evidently are about as regarded for their news worthiness as the Daily Star.

another headline today on the same page ……..


Posted on 09 January 2011
By Frank Lake
Three giant alien spaceships are heading for Earth! Scientists predict they will arrive in early 2011.
Facebook users have been panicking about what happens to all of their details and their photographs on Facebook, they are worried they are going to lose them.
I gathered from this fear that there is a need, a need Facebook users have, that they want to download and save the information easily that they accumulate from Facebook.

Rest assured you can do this!

Go to account settings – in the list that has name, user name etc. it says Download your information – click on learn more and there it says that this tool lets you downloads and save a copy of all of your information, including photo’s and wall posts everything. Just like a backup apparently!
(thanks to @lstacey for this information)

In the meanwhile, don’t panic – Facebook are not going to slam a door in your face with a big closed sticker on it.